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  1. Hi all. I'm shifting to a new house tomorrow and have to take 8 tanks with me. I have bins etc for the fish and I'm pretty sure I'm prepared, there's just one thing I'm not sure about when it comes to transporting the tanks themselves. 6 are barebottom so I'm not worried about those but 2 of them, both are 65g, have deep dirted substrate, around 4 inches deep. It is an inch of sand, 2inchs of 'dirt' and a gravel cap. Do I have to take that out or can I transport them with the substrate in? It's a short 20 minute trip. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  2. Wow, you all have wonderful looking aquariums. This is one of mine, I consider it a favourite because it's the one I relax in front of in the evenings.
  3. Hi, my best guess is that it's fungus on uneaten food. No worries, just siphon it out.
  4. Hi all. I was lucky to catch these eggs hatching...
  5. I should've paid more attention in school.
  6. I think I'd be doing more frequent water changes, like every other day until the bio load increases enough to handle the ammonia. Also, ammonia will still show on a test even if it's safely bound up. And that bond doesn't last forever either, I think 24-48 hours and the ammonia is released...hence my suggestion of water changes every other day. Edit: Ignore me...I'm afraid I take the tap water in my city, it's from natural aquifers, for granted and forget that not all municipal water is the same.
  7. Flowerhorns. And I don't get any of the coloured 'Glo' fish. They look terrible to me with their cartoon colours. But this is actually moot because they're considered an illegal organism here in New Zealand.
  8. Thank you. Yeah, no fear at all but they do show him respect by staying just far enough away. 😃
  9. That's good to see...I'm training mine to do the same.
  10. It's a male, around 6" head to tail, maybe a little more, and you're right, he is spectacular, I can watch him for ages. This is a 4 minute clip of him...please ignore or mute the sound👂, the music I've added isn't right IMO.
  11. Sooo many great pics here. This is a New Zealand native freshwater Crayfish, Paranephros zealandicus. They are not often found in blue.
  12. Thank you for your reply. Good luck with your fry👍
  13. Well done, I love it when a plan comes together. How are things with them lately?
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