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  1. I have a ceramic castle in my 125 my female Chinese algae eater 6” got stuck in one of the windows and died. It was a rear window out of view. Can’t believe how attached you can get to a fish. Better close the windows. Sounds funny till it happens. Better close the windows. 😢
  2. Thanks everyone for your response to my question on the test strips I appreciate the help
  3. I have a lot of floating Hornwort plants without roots. Can i sell them in bundles of eight stems as is or do i have to plant them till they get roots before I sell them? Thanks
  4. I thought I heard Cory say they were getting new and improved 200 strips if that’s true I’d like to get the new200 containers strips the ones I’ve got fall apart and do not give me an accurate reading am i correct or am I incorrect? Thanks
  5. Using the photo above, my water is hard, but I don’t how hard. It looks too far off to make a decision. Over 300 or under 300 ? what do you guys think ? Thanks also how do I get rid of my old questions.? Thanks
  6. What fluorescent bulbs should I use for growing plants ? Thanks
  7. When Cory tells you it’s a fast growing plant the first thing you should do is go by and ax😊 I bought five Hornwort plants about two weeks ago maybe. They were about 6 inches tall when I got them and they look nice and healthy packaging was beautiful no problem. the picture of them is in 180 gallon tank 24 inches high in two weeks Cody certainly knows what he’s talking about. Thanks PS; I buy everything at the aquarium co-op so I forgot that I didn’t get these plants from Aquarium coop : I don’t member where I got them, but Cory did tell me it was a great growing plant. Thanks again Cory I
  8. I just bought the 200 test strips. The color for the hardness doesn’t seem to be right, it’s probably me I will include a photo. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. What is the ideal temperature for guppies? Thanks
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