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  1. Nice looking good! dont know what ur revamping from but even so it has a refreshed feel about it. also i sense a similarity in your style of scaping to mine. kind of a trip cuz urs feels so much like a 20 long i did 6 months back, same air stone in the back and everything. keep up the natural underwater story flow i like it!
  2. thank u all for putting my mind at ease, i feel a little silly now for worrying so much lol, but the swordtails i mentioned were just rehomed to the 55 from my first ever tank which was a way over crowded 20 gal due to mamma swordtail having a litter full of tough little fry that proved themselves to be survivors. i was trying salt for what i think is a mild case of popeye in some of the swordtails. i read so many amazing things about salt and ive already spent more than i can afford on meds(furan2,erythromaycin,and 1 more i cant remember) but i brain fogged the fact i have plants
  3. i think i just might have made a huge mistake today after work when i started to add aquarium salt to my brand newly cycled 55 gal, but i think, hope, feel, i can water change it away before ireversable damage has been done. good news is i only added 2 or 3 tbl spoons pre daluted aquarium salt before i caught myself and stopped. i have 5 female swordtails in the tank and a handfull of hitchhiker snails. as far as plants i have pogostemon stelatus octopus, anubius gold coin, a cpl types of swords, and a few java ferns. my paramaters , PH 7.2 or 7.3, GH 7dkh, KH 6dkh, nitrates 20 nitrites 0 ammonia 0 my question is how badly did i mess up if at all? should i do a large W.C. or a series of small W.C. right away? or is that small of an amount of AQ salt not gonna have any impact at all on 55 gal. tank? im still fairly new to fish keeping and brand new to plants but im absolutely obsessed with learning all i can so any experienced or educated input?advice is much appreciated, thank you
  4. i also feel pretty confident your tank would hold water just fine for many many years. i have a 55 gal with a chip much worse than your 15 and its held up just fine for over a year now, but i understand wanting undamaged quality when money was spent for. i bought my 55 used at a more than fair price so i was ok with taking a chance, but id say in your stuation i might want it replaced to.
  5. thanks brandy, i do like your suggestion, "move fish or two every few days", the plecco being by far the largest bioload of my stock, being hes 7 or 8 " and most my swordtails are around 1 1/2 or 2" and my corydors are probably a little over 2", which would you move first? do you think its best to go easy on the new tanks BB by starting with the smallest of the swordtails or should i move the doo doo making machine(my common plecco) first? he and the corys are i would say the hardiest and most tolerant of any possible cycle issues. also if HOB filters arent your preference, then what would you suggest for filtration for 55 gal and my stock? thanks again
  6. my over crowded 15 gallon long has been a perpetual WC ever since the surviving swordtail fry have reached adolescense/adult. Then just before xmas i got really sick and was unable to keep up my rediculous 2-5 x per week maintance schedule and my water quality suffered greatly as a result(mainly skyrocketing nitrates}. since then ive managed to get nitrates down to around 10/20ish but with 5 swordtails, 2 corydoras and a ever growing 7 in. plecco its time to bust out the 55 gal tank i got used. heres my main Q's: how to safely make the transition? what are some prefered filters for that size tank? i have 2 aquatech 30-60"s, old and new model i aquired because currently im running aquatech 20-40 on 15 gal and thought interchangeable medias/parts would help carry BB to new tank. that been said i dont really care for the 20-40 im useing now even though its been extremely reliable and effective(0 ammonia or nitrite issues in 2 years). are the aquatech 110 HOB good? and any other suggestions on rehoming my bubble buds i much appreciate thanks
  7. thanks roko, ya i guess even if the dual HOB proves a bit much there are other possible solutions besides taking one off completely. thanks for the food for thought
  8. a little over a month ago i found myself with unexpected swordtail fry, with no extra tank, money, and especially no time i wished the youngins luck and went about my painfully busy life. to my pleasant surprise most have avoided becoming brunch for there lousy parents,(i thought my mom could be mean, at least she never tried to eat me), anyway there getting big and so are my nitrates. so i, on my extremely tight budget managed to pick up a used 29 gal tank that came with a marineland biowheel 150 which i worry is a little small for 29 gallons. but i found in my box of old stuff an aquaclear 30 which by itself i feel is a tad week for the tank. Im concidering hanging em both on.....to much current maybe? idk. i would appreciate any thoughts on my situation. thanks.
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