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  1. You are right and it is a very busy fish haha. It wears me out watching him! He really enjoys swimming in the current and when he’s not there he’s up and down the glass and all over the place!
  2. Awesome! Looks like I’m going to have to find him some friends of his own kind then! Nice freebie
  3. I just got another better photo he’s small Thank you I thought it looked to be some type of Garra just by his looks and behavior
  4. Hello everyone I stopped at my local PetSmart this morning looking for some Otocinclus because my lfs didn’t have any. I ended up getting 4 of them but I also ended up with another fish I was not charged for that ended up in the bag with them he is much smaller than the Otocinclus but definitely a bottom feeder. I got a couple pics of him any ideas?
  5. Hey everyone sorry it’s been a while! The cpds are all doing great in the 29g. They are with some ember tetras and they all hang out together quite a bit! It’s really awesome to see them all swim across the tank together. There’s a problem though! It is pretty impossible to get good photos of them now that they are in this tank! I have 0 skills with photography and rely on my iPhone to do the work. It constantly wants to focus on the hardscape and plants rather than the tiny fish! I’ll post a pic of the tank it’s doing well most of the plants are adapted and the Monte Carlo carpet is starting to spread now. Some of the buce hasn’t been doing great I probably should’ve waited until the tank was mature before trying to add the buce, but we’ll see how it goes. I just got some rotala wallichii a few days ago so I haven’t planted it yet you’ll notice it just sitting in there. Sorry for the not so great pics of the cpds themselves. If anyone has any tips on how to get better photos of them please help haha.
  6. Hi everyone I have recently moved all of the cpd fry into the 29g. In order to get them out of the 5g I had to pull everything out! I was sad to tear that thing down, but I ended up moving it downstairs with the rest of my tanks and I rescaped it and it actually turned out really nice! I am going to wait another couple weeks probably before posting any photos of the fry in the 29g. It’s going through an ugly phase at the moment just some diatoms and stuff, but the Otocinclus I added have been making quick work of it! Unfortunately when I caught all of the fry out of the 5g to move into the 29g I only counted 28. I was really shocked because it hadn’t looked like any were missing. I’m still happy with 28 surviving for my first time attempting to breed anything. I have 8 ember tetras in with the 28 cpd and they like to hang out together and occasionally swim across the tank in a large group it looks awesome! Anyways sorry for no pictures this time, but it will be worth the wait.
  7. Thanks Patrick it’s actually low tech. It’s been running for about a year and a few months. I just set up my first high tech tank and plan on moving some of the helferi over to it to propagate it quicker it’s definitely one of my favorite plants!
  8. They really are happy they have the right side to go hide if they’d like, but they always hang out in the open area. Whenever I come up to the tank they all get excited and come up waiting for food! I watched one kill a tiny little shrimplet today. He just bit at it a few times as it was swimming and killed it and let it sink to the bottom. Ever since I moved the adults out of this tank I’ve noticed a bunch more shrimplets popping up, I didn’t realize how many they were actually eating! I’d like to get these guys out before they get much larger and take out a bunch of the shrimp themselves.
  9. Hi everyone this is going to be the last update of the cpd fry in the 5g. I got the 29g planted and co2 hooked up last week. I have been so busy with everything that I haven’t been feeding much live bbs so I finally spoiled them with some this morning and then again this afternoon! I don’t know if the 5g is hindering their ability to grow more quickly because they really don’t seem a whole lot bigger or I’m just impatient and they grow slow which is most likely the case! Either way I hope to put them into the 29g in a few weeks that will be their forever home. They are still difficult to get good pictures of so I did my best!
  10. I would probably leave the bristlenose out they will probably cause more of a mess! If it’s bare bottom you should be fine without shrimp it’ll be easy for you to syphon all the uneaten food and poop off the bottom anyways!
  11. Crabby I agree with Mr. Gumby they will be fine for a while in a 5g even that many. Maybe put some shrimp in there to eat the food that gets to the bottom, but also syphon the substrate to help clean it up. I just syphon into a smaller bucket so if I accidentally suck up a fry I can easily scoop them back out into the tank! Congrats by the way I’d love to see some pics!
  12. Thank you I appreciate your help! I have my co2 set to come on at 6 tomorrow morning and the light to come on at 7 so hopefully I did it correctly and it all works properly!
  13. Correct so when I set the time will it turn on right at that time or does it ramp up or down before the time I set it for?
  14. Hi everyone I recently purchased the finnex planted plus 24/7 hlc, and I’m curious how the custom 24/7 works. I already set all the time slots to what percentage I want the lights so be. My question is say I want the lights to come on at 7am, do I press the 6am button at 7am when I’m in the time set mode? Or is there a ramp up and down time before lights come on and before they go off? The reason I’m curious is I’m using pressurized co2 and I just turned the lights on manually today, but I want to get it working properly before I go back to work on Monday. Thanks for any help I hope someone has lots of experience with this light.
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