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  1. Wanted to give an update. It seems most of the white dots/specks/dust seems to have disappeared. Now I’m thinking it could of been detritus or paracleanse/maracyn powder. im going to continue watching him for the rest of the week and let me apologize ahead of time, my photos today are not as clear as yesterday. Also he has a dark patch of scales that I feel like he’s always had, should I be worried about anything?
  2. named him tabasco 🤣 also always better to ask for forgiveness then permission 😁
  3. I posted on the forum because after reading the coop post about the med trio it stated to medicate then wait a week and then do a 30% water change while avoid feeding during the week unless necessary, however it said if you see signs of a specific infection or disease to stop the treatment and immediately start the course of treatment for that specific infection or disease. So right now im in the process of waiting for that week while trying to figure out if this is actually ich and if it then I would resort to changing the treatment plan.
  4. I was possibly thinking it could be velvet too but it looks more white then the brown/gold color velvet should be. the only parameter i have is its 78 degrees. This was a 20gal tank divided into three 6.6gal sections, however another one of my bettas died the other day so I took out all the dividers, did a water change and decided to medicate everything in the entire 20gal tank with the med trio. Forgot to get parameter before/after the water change and before dosing with meds. This guy is from Nov 2020, no other symptoms. He was eating well and very active prior to being medicated. Hes still active but i have held off feeding for a week. The betta that died was from Dec 2020, I didnt see any obvious signs of disease on the betta that died. Other inhabitants include pygmy corys, chili rasboras and neocaridina shrimp, which all currently exhibit no signs of disease.
  5. Last time I dealt with Ich was years ago and i remember the spots being more defined and larger. I not 100% sure if this is ich on my betta because the spots are so tiny. I wanted to confirm before i start treating with ICH-X.
  6. Wanted to give an approx 100 day update. Betta with 4 Pygmy Corys
  7. I have the 24-34” size for my 20 long. It’s going to be the only one that fits that dimensions however you only get 18” of usable light. with the total light box being 22”
  8. Can anyone identity if this is either green mold or algae growing on the driftwoood?
  9. Got bored so I rescaped my 32gal flex after a water change. Also performed a water change on my 20 long.
  10. Unfortunately aquarium co-op doesn’t ship outside the US.
  11. I got them from this website They’re a little spendy but they’re built pretty solid. They’re a plastic material. Originally I was thinking of making my own divider but I got lazy after building my aquarium stand. Lifewithpets Fish Tank Dividers for many sizes of tank. WWW.LIFEWITHPETSGCI.COM Sturdy 10 gallon betta fish tank dividers, 20 gallon tank dividers, 40 gallon tank dividers, 29 gallon...
  12. I have a 20gal long divided into 3 sections with a nano sponge filter in each section. I plan on putting a betta splendens into the first 6.6gal section, which is planted and contains a sizable pice of driftwood. Would it be too crowded to put 5 Pygmy Corys into the same section?
  13. why do my shrimp look like they have googly eyes attached to em lol
  14. I haven’t noticed any viewing difference with the curved glass. The major difference between the flex and 40 breeder will be the flex has an integrated filter system. Which takes up some interior space. Another thing to note is that if you plan to have any fry or even smaller shrimp, they might get into the intake of the filter as the slots are pretty large. (I ended up putting some mesh in the upper intake slots)
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