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  1. I would gladly drive up there no problem just would want to know if they have them
  2. Aquarium co op is 2 hours away do they have the puffer on hand if so I will drive up there
  3. Been looking for a spotted Congo puffer for a long time looking for advice on were to get puffer thank you for your time
  4. I am looking and buy a acrylic 300 gallon aquarium but don’t know where to go to buy all my local fish stores don’t go that high and there are a lot of online choices looking for advice on this where would you buy and why thank you so much for you time and advice
  5. Your live fish store Aqua Huna does not ship to Washington State but does to all other 49 States. I a local customer can’t call your store there not a number that is answered I have tried, So I must drive the 2 hours to see what you got and hope it’s what I am looking for, but you out of state customers can buy online see what there to buy and have it shipped to there door. It is my opinion that does not seem fair thank you Steve
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