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  1. AquaRick

    Sick Guppy

    Looks like Epsom Salt(magnesium sulfate) work differently compared to API aquarium salt(Sodium Chloride) so it looks like I have to buy Epsom salt then. Thanks Colu
  2. AquaRick

    Sick Guppy

    Thanks Colu, I'll treat it with salt and see the result. Does it have to be Epsom salt or is API salt good enough too? Should I increase the concentration of salt in one week if it doesn't improve?
  3. AquaRick

    Sick Guppy

    Hello, I currently have a guppy that has his bottom swollen in a light pinkish color but he able to poop and act normally. I don't think it's fungus but I not a expert in fish diseases. Is there any medication anyone will recommend or should I just use aquarium salt? Any help will be appreciated, thank you.
  4. AquaRick

    Sick Fish?

    Thanks yannachka, ill treat it with Erythromycin as soon as possible.
  5. AquaRick

    Sick Fish?

    Hey Cory thanks for the help but now when I woke up this morning I noticed one of his eye is swollen on the same side where the bacteria or fungus is. Now that I looked at it carefully I believed it from the inside of the fish body not the outside like a bump. Should I increase the amount of salt since the current concentration isn't doing any improvement?
  6. AquaRick

    Sick Fish?

    Hello aquarium hobbyists I been into the hobby for about 1 year and a half and still trying to improve. I currently have an issue going on with one of my Glofish that has like a white round fungus looking bacteria on one of his side but I not 100% sure if its fungus. I moved the fish to a 10-gallon quarantine tank and been treating it for about a month or more so far. I been using API Fungus Cure and API Salt with 1 tablespoon per gallon but see no improvement. The fish is active around the tank swimming and it doesn’t seem like a bother to it. I am looking for help because I lost 2 fish to mouth fungus and 1 for having fungus around his body and tail. Any help will be appreciated I attached a photo, Thank you.
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