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  1. Thanks. I think the reason some of the fry survive is my aquarium is heavily planted. I added catalpa leaves which probably provides extra shelter. Since I noticed the first fry, I backed off on cleaning any algae on the glass except for the front pane.
  2. Thanks for the information. I've discovered that I enjoy watching the corydoras antics. They're zoom around the aquarium sometimes investigating the mystery snail which ignores them. Thanks. I feed the fish twice a day, a variety of flake, frozen and sinking tabs for the corys. Once a week they are on a one day fast.
  3. Does anyone know how often Bronze Corydoras spawn? Back in July I purchased three and I now have at least eight that I'm aware of. The small ones are cute, fun to watch and grow very quickly. They leave eggs on the glass, usually every two to three weeks. They're in a community aquarium with a small school of Neon Tetras, one Honey Gourami and a Mystery Snail. I'm sure that the majority of the fry are eaten but that's no problem since I had no intentions of breeding them. Thanks
  4. Hi Isaac, Yes that's my plan. Thank you for the information. Attached are a few photos including my cat Lucy who can be quite mesmerized watching the fish. Dan
  5. Hi Isaac< I have been trimming but I'm looking to change the layout from a "jungle" to a triangular scape. The substrate is dark Seachem Flourite with a top dressing of black gravel which I intend to keep. I'm planning on reusing as many plants that will fit but adding a dwarf aquarium lily and maybe one pot of Dwarf Sagittaria? Stocking is eight neon tetras and four Glo Tetras which I'm rehoming to another fishkeeper. Thank You
  6. Hi Everyone, My first aquarium is now over a year old. I've had excellent results with my plants: Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, Cryptocoryne, and Water Sprite. I tried Dwarf Chain Sword but the light in my 15 gallon Fluval Flex isn't powerful enough to grow a carpet. All the plants have grown tremendously and I now need to thin and rescape as there isn't much room for the fish to swim in. Water conditions have remained at zero for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates since the aquarium cycled. Should I save a third of the substrate to keep beneficial bacteria and rinse the rest? I plan on not rinsing the sponges and bio material in the filter section and keeping them in a bucket with aquarium water and an air stone. Thanks for any helpful information. Dan T.
  7. Hello Irene, Thank you! Yes the mystery snail is a happy camper. It's fun to watch it roaming the tank like a little roomba snacking on algae. attached is a picture showing Lucy fixated on watching the tank. Dan
  8. Hi Cory, Thank you for the information about Mystery Snails and proper pH. Per your suggestion I added crushed coral in a bag to the filter compartment and now the pH registers between 7.0 and 7.5. I purchased a mystery snail and it's in very good shape. Dan T.
  9. Hello, I'm new to the hobby and I have a question about snails. I would like to add a Mystery Snail to my aquarium. Any ideas on how I can provide the fish and the snail in particular a safe and healthy home. I'm concerned about the very low pH in the tank. Here's some background information. After reading articles and watching videos I purchased a 15 gallon Fluval Flex aquarium and stand from a locally owned pet store back in April. Prior to setting up the tank I called our local water authority and talked to their chemist about which disinfectant they use which is only chlorine. I set up the aquarium and removed the chlorine with API tap water conditioner. The substrate is Seachem black flourite sand with a top dressing of standard black aquarium gravel. I placed two small rocks and one small piece of driftwood in the center. The plants I choose are one Java Fern wedged into the driftwood, one Anubias (which has a narrow pointed leaf shape similar to the Java Fern) wedged between the two rocks, Cryptocorynes (added root tabs), Dwarf Chain Sword (added root tabs), Water Sprite (Aqruarium Co-Op) and Java Moss (Aquarium Co-Op). I dose the aquarium twice a week with easy green, easy carbon and easy iron. The light source, white leds only, is low power so it's on a twelve hour cycle. Weekly maintenance is a 6 gallon water change, a light scrubbing for any algae on the glass and a water test (API 5 in 1) - GH between 30 & 60, KH between 40 & 80, pH between 6.0 & 6.5, Nitrite between 0 & 0.5, Nitrate between 0 & 20. Every two weeks I prune the Water Sprite as it grows very rapidly. The filter compartment is filled with sponge with a bag of bio beads. I purchased extra sponge for the filter compartment. The heater, 50 watts, is placed in the filter compartment and is set to 78 degrees. After one month I purchased two neon tetras. Afterwards I added two fish every two weeks until the current population of eight neon tetras and four glo tetras. I feed once a day a varied diet of frozen, freeze-dried and flake foods only enough that the fish can consume in one minute. The plants and fish are healthy. I currently have no plans to add more fish. Thank You, Dan T.
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