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  1. Oh yes the good ol' BassBoatCentral. I am a member. How small the world we live in eh? TheBurke is my profile there. Yes, moon phases and the corresponding pressure seems to truly be the biggest affects on our aquatic friends. Temp seems to be the 3rd wheel on the date.
  2. That isn't actually bad for guppies. I believe that is fairly close to what I have coming from the tap here in Ohio. They breed very well and appear to be thriving just fine. I will double check my numbers this evening. But those numbers feel similar.
  3. Yeah exactly! The temp assisted with breeding. I think this may be more so for the egg layers vs live bearer. Looks like I have some reading to do on species I have and want to get to see how temps affect them. Thanks Matt for the reply!
  4. I am curious if anyone has done any level of experimentation with changing their water temps to enjoy other aspects of their lovely fish. My thoughts come from my other hobby where I can see patterns in activity when certain water temps are present and how it plays a key role in activating instincts/actions. For more context, I know of the northern zone of the U.S. that in the spring when water temps raise to a certain level, that different species will be going into a more active feeding state that also pushes schooling activities and then on to spawn. Continuing on, the temp gets to a certain level the schooling can stop and put them into certain zones like grass or rocky areas. Cooling the water, they tend to slow down feeding and schooling activities aren't as pronounced. Just thinking through the ability to provide more thriving opportunities for our hobby and maybe this could be another avenue... Thoughts?
  5. Welp there goes my weekend coming up. This is superbly helpful. Thank you.
  6. I read back a bit and noticed the water parameter check automation. I am actually looking into this myself using raspberry pi application. My idea is a bit more... out of the box maybe. I am looking at using light reading technology. Where I pull in water sample. Use the test kit dropper solution. Then read the color and compare. Lastly create a report to send to your computer/phone. Lots to learn still. But it is something in progress. Hopefully I can prove this out and make a really simple DIY product for everyone to use.
  7. Yes indeed, keeping fish to understand the fish and then catch the fish. Soon I will become the fish.
  8. I am nerdy nerdy. I develop the codes that make things do things and sometimes I get it right. My focus is custom test automation frameworks for Webservice testing. Also, currently pursuing dream job of a bass fisherman. I fish the BASS Nation series and have made it to the Regional Championship once thus far. Well on the way.
  9. Yeah, it all depends on your goals. Do you plan on having multiple shelves running double the tanks soon? Linear could be the better investment. Individual pumps will provide flexibility for now. Don't forget to buy at least 1 extra. End of the day. It is up to you and what you know your goals are for your fish keeping hobby. I find it helps to write down the plans I have and compare where I am at in thought. All the best to you!
  10. Hello! Brandon from the lovely heart of the US - OHIO! Love the brand and what co-op brings to the community all around. I have been a aquarium nerd for as long as I can recall. I currently love setting up and running eco-system aquariums. Long running minimal external if any filtrations. Plants and fish taking care of each other with minor assistance from myself. I have 3 tanks at this time. A 125g glass that has been running for several years hosting cardinal tetra's, Black Skirted tetras, 2 longfin plecos and gigantic community of snails. 75g is next with a massive guppy population of which I constantly give away. 2 Angels and 6 corydora's. Both tanks feature water sprite plants as the feature plant and some java moss for accents to the rocks and or wood. I am looking to convert the 125g into a more variety of plants and a nice betta sorority.
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