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  1. I am before I would do 50% per day until it was clear. This time around I did 100% but I have one of those fluval breeder boxes with the drip intake thing so I did it that way this time and still same result..
  2. Hi guys I’ve been having a tough time with raising gold ram fry. The parents eat the eggs so I pull them out now but the issue is they’ll fungus up even with me adding methalyn blue or if they don’t fungus up I lose any free swimmers in a day or two.. my parameters are ph 6.4 gh 75 kh40. Any idea what could be happening is it my parameters or am I just being unlucky
  3. Thank you @Snjchris this was definitely helpful..
  4. Nothing to crazy, but I blacked out the back of my tanks. Just taped styrofoam poster board to the back. Haha
  5. Thank you @KaitieG and @taco playz defiantly want to play with white clouds next summer for a outside project
  6. Good morning everyone hope all is well and everyone had a good holiday..just wanted to say I sold my first spawns (Odessa barbs&black Venezuelan corys) and I’m pretty excited over it lol. did anyone else get excited when they sold there first spawns
  7. Hi guys I’m having trouble sexing these rams out (well actually I just don’t know how lol) hopefully one of you fine nerms can. thanks as always
  8. 2-3 drops give or take..I usually will fill the pipette I use with a little bit of meth blue squeeze it back in the bottle and whatever amount of meth blue stayed in the pipette i would “rinse” it out with the tank water I’m using
  9. @Crabby they’re aggazii they wiggling a bit on the bottom I’ll give it another day before I start water changing out the methalyn blue. Follow up photos to come lol
  10. O yeah only apistos I thought it was odd to.I do have a melyasian snail problem in the tank maybe that’s why they used the leaf
  11. Hey guys my apistos spawned on a Amazon sword leaf which I removed and put in a container with methalyn blue. I woke up this morning and seems a lot of eggs fell off, but the eggs weren’t wrigglers yet. Is this a bad thing? I know it’s a silly question but any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a photo for a better idea. thanks guys
  12. Thank you. I threw about 5 mops in there.fingers 🤞
  13. Are spawning mops ideal for cherry barbs or do they prefer something else? I’ve been trying to get them to spawn in our mini pond but no luck.
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