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  1. Hi guys I’m having trouble sexing these rams out (well actually I just don’t know how lol) hopefully one of you fine nerms can. thanks as always
  2. 2-3 drops give or take..I usually will fill the pipette I use with a little bit of meth blue squeeze it back in the bottle and whatever amount of meth blue stayed in the pipette i would “rinse” it out with the tank water I’m using
  3. @Crabby they’re aggazii they wiggling a bit on the bottom I’ll give it another day before I start water changing out the methalyn blue. Follow up photos to come lol
  4. O yeah only apistos I thought it was odd to.I do have a melyasian snail problem in the tank maybe that’s why they used the leaf
  5. Hey guys my apistos spawned on a Amazon sword leaf which I removed and put in a container with methalyn blue. I woke up this morning and seems a lot of eggs fell off, but the eggs weren’t wrigglers yet. Is this a bad thing? I know it’s a silly question but any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a photo for a better idea. thanks guys
  6. Thank you. I threw about 5 mops in there.fingers 🤞
  7. Are spawning mops ideal for cherry barbs or do they prefer something else? I’ve been trying to get them to spawn in our mini pond but no luck.
  8. So my apistogrammas have spawned several times and they always eat the eggs. I’ve tried only a pair then removing the male after 4 failed attempts then I tried adding more females so now my ratio is 3 females to one male and that didn’t make a difference. So the past two spawns I’ve pulled the cave with the eggs and added methalyn blue.I usually get 5 wiggles and the rest of the eggs turn white. But my wiggles die after a day or two sometimes I’ll wake up and the air stone floated up and out the specimen container so that could be why. Should I try slowing the flow down on the air stone ? Or try a new pair? sorry this is so long and thanks in advance
  9. It looks like staghorn to me. habe you tried adding fish that will eat algae? If your not a fan of Siamese algae eaters Molly do a really good job also. I’m battling algae my self. But I found if I hold back feeding a bit they’ll just go to town on the algae.
  10. Hope everyone is well. I was wondering what kind of yarn is best for spawning mops.I tried dye free acrylic yarn but it would bleed and turn my water green even after boiling the heck out of it. And another question unrelated to spawning mops, I’ve been trying to raise up up some double red cockatoides I’ve gotten a few spawns but they always get eaten. I’ve even tried moving the male once but mom just ended up going to town. So I added three more females with hopes that the next spawn momma would be more guarding. Is that the right move or should I remove the other females and just keep the pair? thanks in advance and sorry for the long post
  11. Good luck with your fish room I think everyone has pretty much said what I’m about to say...I’d say go with what’s easiest for you.if you comfortable with drilling tanks and all that good stuff go for it. I think a python and a barrel on wheels is pretty easy too and there’s no worries of cracking the a tank with drilling. And I would say for the racks if you decide to buy a storage rack I would make sure that it could hold like double the weight of what I would put on it.( i guess I’m paranoid lol) but I would consider just building your own. looking forward to seeing pics when it’s all set up and again good luck
  12. What’s up everyone hope all is well and Life is good.I’ve been Mia for a while but looking forward to being more involved in the forum and this community.and learning from everyone.happy Monday!!!🤙✌️✌️
  13. Hi guys so I figured out the I have 3 super red agasizis (sorry if I miss spelled it) and one male double red cacatoid (again sorry for the misspelling) I’m worried they will hybridize.is that a thing??? thanks guys
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