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  1. I don't change the water on these guys until I start feeding them bbs. Until then, I want to keep all the micro organisms in there that I can. Once the bbs start going in, I start changing water (day 10 -15 with my set ups)
  2. Nice pair! I miss mine. I have left the fry with the parents and pulled them from the parents. Both ways seemed successful, but for me the greatest reward was in watching the pair chaperone a school of fry around the tank. I do think keeping them with the parents gets them growing faster. My guess is it has to do with a more established tank and being led to food by the parents. Fyi- I'd be interested in some fry if you're looking to move some. Just throwing it out there
  3. Solar flare swordtails (twinbar)? We'll see if any of the fry turn out to be solar flares. The largest is clearly a wag. Theres also some random medaka in there I pulled from another tank
  4. That's a pretty nice set up you got there (months later... hahaha). I messed around with a few different options and am now kind of flushing the system every week or so. Basically pumping 140 gallons of aged/treated water into the display and overflowing roughly the same amount. I've been getting good results, although I know some new water is going down the drain. The pets are happy though
  5. Very cool. How is the flow in your tank? Seems to be a regularly debated question with the hillstream loaches. Just looking at them, you would think it is a fish that prefers rapid like conditions.
  6. Nice looking tapajos! I always found them to be great parents.
  7. In his mind... he is a foot long. Love those guys. Great photo.
  8. I was going through some old galleries and found some pics I thought were pretty cool. Figured I'd post them up just for fun. No ground breaking stuff here... just fish that were comfortable and enjoying their tanks. Feel free to drop in some photos of your own. The umbees in the dirty tank with eggs... 2 females. They didn't know what they doing. The pleco in that cave was well fed for a couple months though, so I couldn't complain.
  9. Doesn't hurt to spend a couple bucks on dedicated nets for each aquarium. Obviously you wouldn't do this with all your equipment(don't need ten pythons for ten separate ten gallon aquariums), but for the cheap stuff it makes sense. Whatever puts your mind at ease
  10. It's funny to me that some of the books I open the most are $5-10 Barron's "manuals". Angelfish Discus Tanganyika cichlids Guppys, mollies, and platys Freshwater stingrays But I do have a couple that I had to look for that I really enjoy flipping the pages of. South American eartheaters The endemic cichlids of Madagascar These two are probably my favorites. Honorable mentions... culturing live foods All of the auqualogs (for when I need to look at a picture book or ID something) All of the encyclopedia of tropical fishes (I like the 13th edition "with special emphasis on techniques of breeding")
  11. You're gonna need an extra horse trailer!
  12. I think you will be in worse shape than your pets. They'll be fine with a little planning. One more thing... fill up a few 5 gallon buckets with water before you head out. Some for little water changes half way through the move, and some for filling up the tanks when you arrive. One less thing to worry about(new water params) in the middle of unpacking.
  13. It's amazing what these animals can handle. Chances are that betta has more traveling under his belt already than the majority of us people on the forum... in a bag smaller than a tennis ball! That being said, holding off on food for a few days, some decent water changes heading up to the event, and your fish should be alright. I'm not to familiar with shipping/moving shrimp though. I tend to bag anything small enough to allow it... it's a proven method of transport. Good luck with the move!
  14. I'm with you Bill... I just showed the boss and she said, "Absolutely not!" Once upon a time... the bottom shelf of my fridge was covered with flats of earthworms, blackworm keepers, and all sorts of other things that are not for human consumption. Now there's food in there... for people!
  15. I.V. drip on the way out... that's pretty clever. Feel free to take over the thread, I'm looking for ideas and experiences, exactly what you posted. Thanks. A friend of mine had recomended one of these to me. The cost was a little shocking, but it looked like a pretty nice unit. He also emphasized the importance of dwell time. I started at 40 gpd and went to 20. Even at 40 the chlorine was gone but the ammonia/ammonium byproduct (if thats is what you would call it) seemed excessive. At 20, I still had about 1ppm. I really should get dedicated nH3 and nH4 test kits to see what I am actually left with. Thanks for the input everyone.
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