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  1. Please, someone verify this... Just got notice a new AquariumCoop video posted. I watch most videos with close captions on (weird right), however the video's closed captions are, .. well way off in certain places. Here's the video, see if you see the same strangeness I see: ("Pancrab farts in my face" )
  2. I've been using this smart plug for about a month now. Give you 5 wifi enabled plugs and 5 always on plugs too. Alexa and Google enabled. https://www.amazon.com/POWSAV-Protector-Outlets-outlets-Extension/dp/B08B3GT4C4/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=POWSAV&qid=1616268687&sr=8-3
  3. Hi MaxM, Yes, many egg layers will go thru the motion from time to time. It's totally natural. In nature, and better seen in captivity, there are a lot of egg laying species that sometimes become 'confused' when it comes to mating. For the future, let nature takes it's course. Clearly without the opposite sex the eggs will never be fertile. If you do see another egg deposit, quite often they will eat their own. As for adding a Gourami, in my experience... go for it. Gourami's (especially the dwarf variety) are pretty laid back.
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