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  1. I just purchased Easy Green from the Aquarium co op website cause I heard great things about it. My question is does algae feed on it as well. I followed the directions on it 1 pump per 10 gallons and I have a 60 gallon so that’s 6 pumps. I put some in my tank and the next day I noticed a lot more algae everywhere more that normal.
  2. I’ve been dealing with ick for a week and a half now almost 2 weeks. I’ve turned up the heat and I’ve been treating with seachem paraguard. I did throw in aquarium salt one day and it was in the tank for about 24 hours until I noticed my angelfish having some redness around his fins and mouth so I did a water change and the redness went away. Guess I added to much salt even though I followed the directions. I have a electric blue acara with white spots witch he’s had spots since this ick started and he’s not looking better but he’s not doing a lot of scratching on decorations surprisingly. I also have 4 Roseline sharks that are Scratching on everything like crazy but they don’t have any white spots at all. My angelfish had a couple of spots one day but went away the next.
  3. I had my tank water tested last weekend and everything was perfect. Since I’ve been dealing with ick I’ve been doing more water changes but I always use API Stress Coat+.
  4. I added some aquarium salt to my 60 gallon tank yesterday because I’m going through ick right now. Now today my Angelfishes fins look red and he also has some redness around his mouth. I’m not sure if I added to much salt but I followed the directions.
  5. If I add in aquarium salt will it kill my live plants?
  6. I have ick in my 60 gallon tank right now. It started last week I noticed my fish scratching themselves on everything then the next day my electric blue acara had a bunch of white spots. I turned up the heat and I threw in some seachem paraguard. So far I’ve treated the tank with paraguard for 6 straight days and the acara has less white spots but he’s still itching. I also have 4 Roseline sharks that are itching themselves like crazy but they don’t have any white spots at all. I have one angelfish that had a few white spots but are now gone but now today he looks like he’s having trouble breathing and I have 2 air stones in the tank. I’m not sure if I should continue with paraguard or try something else?
  7. I’m thinking about placing a 29 gallon tank on a piece of ikea furniture the kallax.I’ve heard mixed things about doing it. Maybe if I reinforce it that will make it stronger.
  8. Hi my name is Robert I’ve been in the fish hobby for about 4 years now. I’m new to fish forums this is my first time. I’m a big fan of Cory on YouTube so I thought I would join his forum to. Right now I currently have 2 aquariums a 60 and 20 gallon. I plan on getting more tanks in the future but right now not enough room small house lol.
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