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  1. Just need to keep it from freezing. Cold water is preferable. Because the it’s winter.
  2. Can a heater keep a 5 gallon aquarium from freezing in a garage in the winter? I hate dumping my bait on the ice because it will freeze in my garage. But if I put the minnows in a spare 5 gallon tank with a sponge filter and heater. Maybe I could save the bait until the next day or later in the week.
  3. I have a dirted 29 gallon live bearer tank. The plants are taking over the tank. They grow exponentially. I trim them twice a month. From a half dozen aquarium co-op plants I’ve planted a 55 and 75 gallon tanks. I started out with 3 each of platties, swordtails and guppies. A year later there are close to 40, parents and babies. I want to move some of the babies but the plants are like a jungle. Makes it hard to net them out. So my question is what technique do I use to remove the plants without, making a muddy mess. Or do I trim down the stem plants to a couple inches from the bottom, so I can net out some of the young fish. Also another question, since I have limited aquariums, can I put neo-caradina shrimp in with the fish ? I also have 3 amano shrimp in there. This picture is two weeks after trimming, and they need trimming again.
  4. I have it with 12 peacocks and 3 johanii. 8 Odessa, 8 gold, 5 tiger, 5 cherry barbs. It was in there before I put the cichlids in, but he disappeared for months, he popped out a couple days ago. If he comes out again, I’ll move him to my angels tank.
  5. Has anyone ever kept whip tail cats with barbs and African cichlids?
  6. I’ve been a fish keeper since the early 70’s. But have never kept Discus. I’m thinking of adding two to my 55 gallon angelfish tank. Right now there are 5 angelfish. Would that tank be too small to add two discus? Also what type of food is good for them? Are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?
  7. I rarely do water changes. My tanks are very heavily planted. I normally just add water. I never lose fish, and if I do test the water, the nitrates are almost never high and the ammonia is nonexistent. In my live bearer tank there’s 30 something fish depending on how many fry are there. It’s a 29 gallon. There are platties, guppies and swords. My 75 has over 50 barbs and peacocks. My question is why is am I a monster for not changing the water, just cleaning the filters?
  8. If I paint the back glass of my tank red, will it enhance plant growth?
  9. Oh I forgot about 4 brilliant rasboras and a tetra I forgot the name of.
  10. Since I can’t upload a video of the tank, here’s some pictures right before a water change. There are 6 gold , 6 odessa, 5 cherry, 6 tiger, barbs. 3 jewel cichlids, 7 assorted peacock, 2 gold dojo loaches, 2 green corydoras, and 3 johanii mbuna, and a pleco.
  11. I recently added small peacocks and jewel cichlids to my 75 gallon planted barb tank. No aggression at all.
  12. It turned out to be false advertising, a scam. Petco sent me an email saying they could not sell me 2 bags for $22. Instead they took my money and gave me 4 bags for $88, or one bag for $22. I filed a complaint with Amazon, and refuse to ever buy anything from Petco.
  13. I think it’s an albino dragon blood, but they’re so small it’s hard to know for sure. I wish I hadn’t put them in my planted 75, but I wanted a showpiece fish for my barb tank.
  14. The angelfish are in their own 55, with the surviving blood parrot.
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