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  1. Hey Andy ! I’m also a WNY peep. Just got back into the hobby a few months ago ... at 11 tanks soon to be 14 all over my 2 bedroom apartment welcome to the forums !
  2. Joecruel


    So I have been doing some total cure dosing on a few larger tanks since these fish weren’t necessarily quarantined before I knew what I was doing. Both these tanks have UV sterilizer . Do you think the 4 day worming worked? Do all meds require no chemical filtration mainly pads like ammonia and or phosphate ? Tanks and fish seem healthy right now did have an ich issue in one of them that meds didn’t work but salt and heat did prior to the sterilizer . Unfortunately I did have casualties I believe from the heat ... glow light tetras and male runmmy rasboras didn’t fair well. if I understand once you use the trio ... you want to run a total cure a few weeks later to cover bases. I’m learning spending a lot of time and money on the hobby and INput would be welcomed.
  3. So I got an Aqua Huna shipment about a week ago “ 6 pea puffers” they have been thru the trio in a 10 gallon heavily planted tank together. Pretty sure their doing fine but it takes an hour in front of the tank to get tabs on them . I have 15 gallons arriving tomorrow. I of course plan to cycle the tanks . Is there an easy way to sex them ? I plan to put 3 in each 15 gallon , should be okay ? A few Kuhl is in with them now ... limited aggression so far . Mainly giving them brine shrimp every other day but I have been dropping small pond snails in there daily also. Have a worm cone on its way for blood worms ... I should prob deworm then while cycling their tanks ? Any other advice would mind obviously if I could get them to breed .
  4. Now I’m only worried the Algae eaters might starve off .
  5. Update... so after several water changes to lower the phosphates, the use of easy carbon daily for a week or so, and feeding more brine and frozen than fish food, as well as the Siamese algae eaters, and slowing down on the easy green . I have attained control of the black beard algae that was getting a little out of control ...
  6. Trying to figure out where I want phosphate levels to be in a planted aquarium. I have a relatively planted aquarium and due to over adding iron and over feeding I believe to the 55 gallon aquarium I now have Moderate hair algae Siamese algae eaters are working on it a little but when investigating more water parameters I noted the high phosphate and began daily water changes which is reducing it but I really don’t understand where that level should be . Seems to be a topic which is ignored often. Don’t see much if any info around on the topic .
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