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  1. Yep! They hang on the wall. I think I’m allowed to post the link to them: https://www.etsy.com/listing/749036349/35-x-95-cone-shape-glass-wall-vase-for?ref=yr_purchases I spent a long time trying to find the biggest version of these that existed (and then trying to find the best price). There are some pretty tiny ones out there. Rigid airline tubing is an important part of the system as well. Thanks!! ☺️
  2. @Daniel’s cones are exactly what inspired them!
  3. Hey everyone! I’m wondering what you all do when you’re going to sell your plants or bring them to a LFS, club auction, etc.
  4. Life with the fish at Bag End is going well! The tank stand has a few upgrades now. I’ve got a brine shrimp hatchery set up that I’m loving! Vases from etsy and a reading light from Amazon. And this bar from IKEA helps keep things organized. Before my tools would mostly be laying on the floor. 😅 Also—my aquarium lily from the coop has BLOOMED! It’s been blooming all week but it only opens in the morning. Today I was finally up early enough to see it and WOW!!!!! The only problem in paradise is that I have WAY too many Malaysian trumpet snails in my 55 gallon. So many that they’re crawling up and eating the gourami eggs out of Dad Fish’s bubble nest. For some reason he doesn’t recognize them as a threat. So if I want to raise another batch of honey babies, I need to deal with this snail problem. For those of you wondering, “Don’t you have two yo-yo loaches in that tank?” The answer is yes, I do. But they don’t seem to like eating these snails. Or at least they don’t like it enough to control the booming population. I made a snail scraper out of the bottom of a buttermilk bottle and was able to catch several hundred snails the other night. Not wanting any life to go to waste, I tried to feed the snails to my chickens. They’ve gotten a taste for ramshorn snails thanks to the outdoor ponds, so I was hopeful they’d take to these guys too. Unfortunately they felt the same way the loaches do. Not interested. So I mixed in some millet cereal to try to trick them into eating the snails. Chickens are not smart but they have excellent aim with their beaks. They successfully picked around most of the snails. Feeling stubborn, I decided to try mixing the snails with oats and making snail oatmeal. The chickens LOVE oats. (Note the chicken in the background—she’s lowest on the pecking order so she did not get any oats.) This time more snails were accidentally eaten. But they still left quite a few. I decided that at this point, I decided I should probably stop prolonging the snails’ suffering. I rinsed the rest into the compost pile. Not the best end, but I’m not sure getting eaten by a chicken is better. Oh—before feeding all the snails to the chickens (or trying), I called the LFS where I trade in gouramis and asked if they wanted them. The answer was “no.” 😄 But I felt like it was worth a try. They did seem interested in the medaka though! So my next project is going to be setting up a medaka breeding tank and selecting my broodstock from the ~90 I currently have. The rest will go to the LFS along with lots of hornwort, elodea, and salvinia.
  5. The stand has a few upgrades that I thought I’d share. First is this bar from IKEA that is holding my test strips, fertilizer, nets, tools, rubbing alcohol spray bottle, and most importantly—a towel! I’ve attached lights to the shelf above the bottom tanks so they aren’t in the way of anything. I spaced out the attachment points so I can slide the light on and off the bars if I need to get the light down for any reason. (Ignore the mistake holes. 😄) I also have my new handy-dandy brine shrimp hatchery setup which I am LOVING. The glass vases are from etsy, and they each hold about a quarter liter of water. There’s now one tank running on the bottom shelf, and the top tank is sitting in its eventual home (though it needs some repairs first). We’re still scheming about how to make a roll-out system for the bottom tanks. Heavy duty cabinet sliders would be the perfect thing, but they’re pretty pricey. It’s so handy to have something designed exactly for your needs!
  6. Hmm maybe the hornwort doesn’t have enough nutrients? It’s a pretty aggressive grower when it’s happy. When I put it in my tubs earlier this year, it dropped all its needles and was bare for about a month. Now it’s doing great! It’s a finicky plant.
  7. Wow, that’s more than I expected! I did find one website selling hexahydrate epsom salts. Hopefully the margins aren’t too close on any of these recipes, but it’s certainly good to be aware of what you have.
  8. I don’t think the exact hydrate count will matter much for most aquarium-related recipes—and hopefully if an aquarist gets their hands on anhydrous Epsom salts, it’s because they work in a lab and already know what they’re doing! 😅 Just don’t want anyone to panic. 👍
  9. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you don’t have more deaths, but sorry that there’s still some funny business going on. Sounds like you have some tough fish though! I hope the tank continues to improve!
  10. @Torrey as soon as @Zenzo gives us the green light on trading, I’m trading everyone on this forum Malaysian trumpet snails for a high-five!
  11. Fish food and usb air pumps. I love those little things! I have both kinds of test strips now, but those plus easy green plus the med trio are essentials in my fish life, so if I start running out of any it’s time for another order ASAP.
  12. Ahh teacher mode activated! 😅 Close! You are right about the 7H2O just being extra water in there, but (if I remember correctly) this doesn’t refer to a specific kind of processing. Most salts will absorb some amount of water out of the air. So in this case it’s saying they let it absorb 7 molecules of H2O per magnesium sulfate molecule. I have no idea if that’s the amount it would normally absorb or if they dehydrated it a bit before packing. Some salts absorb so much water out of the air that they turn into a goopy glob. Others absorb very little. It just depends on what they’re made of.
  13. Last night I cut the bottom off a buttermilk bottle to make a snail scraper. Works great for scraping and catching snails off the glass. (As you can see I am dealing with an MTS invasion.)
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