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  1. Thanks, it has been going for 4 months now, I will try that
  2. This is the last thing I have not tried, besides some meds, but I can't find them and I can not order online
  3. Can I quarantine in sunlight? Will that help at all? Sorry I just can not afford a good uv cause I'm 11
  4. My tank is good all parameters are ok, nitrites 0 and ammonia 0 nitrates 0.1 ph 7.5
  5. Ok, do you know if there is a cheap one or can I use the sun?
  6. I can't afford an aquarium UV sterilizer so would a normal UV light work because I want to use it for guppy fin rot
  7. Thanks, I will do that, my fish store is so cool, it has all fish I know of, bit they treat the bettas worse than petco
  8. My LFS has them 4$ each, I am not selling them for that much
  9. Also I want to breed red and blue ramshorns will they sell better than normal ones?
  10. My water already is full of calcium, when it dries, I have powder. Should I supplement some edible calcium?
  11. Mine is when people tell me off and tell me off and tell me off and tell me off and tell me off and tell me off because what I want to do is not " right" like I want pest snails and algae, but everyone gets mad at me when I say that.
  12. Hey I like and want pest snails too!
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