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  1. Better Homes & Gardens August 1934 cover depicts pearling, uses same types of gravel, livestock, plants, and even snails! Love It! Many of you comment on mineral supplements and ferts. Better Homes & Gardens is based in Des Moines, Iowa. The greater area is limestone as base rock, resulting in very hard water. Most of the area has quite a bit of argile clay, which looks similar to SeaChem Flourite and was used for brick and tile production for decades. The top soil layers vary, depending on neighborhood. The areas that were forested have nice humousy loose course compost, the areas that were grass have beautiful top soil (same as the dirted-tank soil), and there are many old river and wetlands areas that have a lot of sand mixed in with the soil. If you wanted to emulate old-school fish keeping, you would use local-sourced products from wherever you live. No internet back then for shopping, just local or mail-order. Costs and time would have been considerably lower to find hardscape and plant material from foraging or buying at local nurseries. My dad uses driftwood, rocks, and plants from the lagoon by his house, and pea gravel from bulk supply at a nursery garden center. I enjoy this thread, so much knowledge and experience, and yet new and exciting adventures foraging and searching for materials!
  2. I sent pictures to a local fish breeder. He said one is a electric blue acara, and the tiny one in question is a blue jack dempsey. He is maybe an inch total overall length, and likes to zip through the pile of driftwood and mass of plants. Was hard to get a good picture, had to zoom in and try and catch him for the split seconds he stops darting around. It's a mulmy mess from pulling his plants and dropping them in my holding tank.
  3. Rehoming a lot of plants, dragon stones, driftwoods, and fish. Need advice on set-up. One tank will be planted community with eco complete. The other tank unsure, but may be for cichlids. This guy had all these fish together in one tank, and they all get along ok, but it's too many and shouldn't all be compatible. Which guys and gals should go in each tank? 1 electric blue ram cichlid 1 tiny (1") cichlid (he said it was a baby electric blue jack dempsey) possibly or maybe its just apisto 2 boesemani rainbow fish 1 denison barb roseline shark 1 pearl gourami 2 cherry barbs 2 black skirt tetra 1 leopard danio 3 black neon tetra 1 rainbow shark 3 tiny spotted corydoras (2" maturity) 1 siamese algae eater but with light yellow fins and tail 1 red-tailed loach 1 cinnamon kuhli loach 1 leopard frog pleco possibly (super duper stunning bright gold against black) 5 amano shrimp 1 harlequin rasbora 1 2" long barb of some kind 2 red-tail rasbora 6 red wag platy 2 tetra of some kind (beautiful with green body red tail and belly like green fire tetra, but with bright white ticks on fins) 1 super long vail silver angelfish possibly (looks like a show winner quality) 4"body, 9" overall 1 raggidy black with silver angelfish 3" He had 7 24 carat gold white cloud minnows that I added in with my three comet goldfish (stock tank in basement) So... two 75 gallon oceanic tanks with stands to be set up, and one existing tank for cold-water fish. Thank you so much for help. I want to give these fish and plants the best life possible under the circumstances.
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