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  1. I would also say those are nerite snail eggs. I have two nerites that lay eggs everywhere but mainly on driftwood and the aquarium glass. Those white spots on the wood in my picture are the eggs. The picture isn’t clear but the eggs are actually a light yellow color. Hope this helps!
  2. Welcome Jayden! Haha African dwarf frogs are very funny. My friend has two and they always “stand” there with their legs outstretched like they’re ready to fight you.
  3. Hi there! That’s so cool that you’ll be breeding honey Gouramis. They are beautiful little fish! I had a mating pair but they never produced viable eggs. One day I want to try again. Anyways welcome, glad you could make it 😄
  4. Hello I’m Jessica from Southern California! I got into the hobby because I wanted to save a dying betta from a flea market. It was in one of those plastic critter tanks with dyed blue water that was so low the poor thing was sideways! Unfortunately I had no idea how to take care of bettas and it passed away after three days 😞 I wanted to save all the sad flea market and pet store fish from bad conditions but now I know not to help raise demand for these neglected and abused fish. I got my one and only tank in Feb 2020 and I’ve learned so much about taking care of aquatic animals. I know there’s still so much to learn, and I look forward to learning from such a supportive community like the one Cory and Co are making 🙂 first pic is when I first started my tank (I thought you had to acclimate plants too haha) second pic is the current state of my tank
  5. I got into the hobby because my friend had a tank with shrimp and that was the first time I ever saw anyone keep shrimp before. I eventually got my own shrimp and more fish and I find them so interesting. I love learning about them before I get them and learning about all their interesting characteristics when they live in my tank. Not to mention they are all such beautiful creatures 🙂
  6. I only joined CARE yesterday, but so far I love the feeling of community here. I think I've already spent a couple hours just scrolling through the replies from various posts, but I could definitely just keep scrolling and reading about everyone's fish keeping adventures. Everyone is very open to sharing. I enjoy watching all the big fish youtubers, but I love seeing the everyday behind the scenes stuff that everyone else goes through. I'm loving all the pictures of tanks and fish being shared 🙂 It's nice to see others like me who don't have as many tanks or are still learning.
  7. I'm sure none of us are entirely perfect when it comes to fish keeping. Some of my confessions: -I don't quarantine new fish since my parents only allow me to keep one tank. -I plan on getting a South American cichlid even though my water's pH is above 8. -I don't temperature match water when I do a water change. I just guess based on touch. I think I'll get better as I invest more money in tools that will help with fish keeping.
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