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  1. Anyone know if Jungle Clear is a good source for KMnO4 for protozoan treatment? Buying a pure KMnO4 solution is so expansive and it doesn't even come with a small size
  2. Oh yeah I am actually planning to use KMnO4 as a hail marry after the levamisole and copper sulfate treatment seeing it is super powerful but it could crash my QT. Thanks again though. I really hope these treatment will be it cuz I really don't want to put these fish to rest since they have been with me since day 1.
  3. Oh no worry! Thank you so much for helping me. Yeah I pretty much have used a variety of medications (baterial, fungal and parasitic) to treat this dissease. Levamisole seem to have the most result but still isn't enough. I have yet to try formalin. I am too afraid of messing it up and wipe out the entire school. I will definitely look more into copper sulfate treatment. I have heard of it before but never attempted to use it yet. This probably will be my last resort after the levamisole treatment
  4. Ok that's good to hear that Neutral Regulator won't affect it. I have to do more than two days is because my school of black skirt tetra is experiencing a worse case of a stalked ciliate infection. I have tried doing two per course of treatment but it didn't do a whole lot. Only one gotten better. Although, I have been dosing for 5 continuous days and the infection is still there. I have no clue how to proceed with the treatment anymore when levamisole isn't working effectively either. I am planning to put them out of their misery since I have been treating them with various treatments in the past 2 months. My pH in the QT tank right now is around 6-6.3. The fish seem completely fine fortunately.
  5. That's a good idea but this is my QT 😞 plus I don't have any local stores that sell crushed coral (sorry I didn't mention it before)
  6. Yeah I am surprised as well. I think the reason why the pH dip is because of water changes. I have been doing 25% water change per dose and I have been dosing daily so that's gotta be the cause. But is it ok to use Seachem Neutral Regulator while dosing levamisole to bring back the pH?
  7. Hi folks! Can I use levamisole and Seachem Neutral Regulator together? Levamisole has been drastically lowering my pH too much.
  8. Huh! I have been told it could treat bacterial infection as well. Ok noted! Yeah I will switch up to Pimenta extract or Maracyn if the infection does not go away after 2 weeks. I am pretty sure it will tho cuz, it is the same budge as before.
  9. Oh IchX to prevent a bacterial infection after treating the parasitic infection because right now, the fish scales are all damaged. But now, I am not so sure if IchX would be wise to use in a tank with shrimps and snails
  10. Not really. It causes a budge near the fish stomach. I have treated this exact fish before with Paracleanse and IchX. I don't think my fish will eat the medicated fish foods lol since they are so picky in general. Oh ok good to know. Sorry so just to double check one more time, so Paracleanse and IchX wont affect plants nor sensitve species? lmao I just don't want to wipe out everything
  11. Hello! Is it a good idea to use Paracleanse and IchX in a planted display tank? My QT is busy treating a different illness at the moment and one of my danio in my display tank just got some internal parasite. So I am wondering if I can use those two medication in a display tank and if so, how do I go about doing it? Thank you
  12. Hello! I am planning to use levamisole to treat Eptylis and is wondering how long should I treat my QT for. On the instruction page, it's suggesting me to only do it for 2 days and leave the medication in the aquarium on the 2nd day to be gradually removed at the next water change. I know that this is a very strong medication but I am wondering if this is the most effective way to do. I am open for any suggestion
  13. Gotcha! Many thanks! Also does Levamisole change the water parameter?
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