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  1. So this might explain why the original formula seemed to fall apart more quickly, if old stock is less durable. The original formula I got in December surely was old given how long ago they changed the formula. I'm having good luck with the nature tabs, but it sounds it's just a matter of time before I get a bad batch.
  2. Yep, and the adapter I linked above is also very slicey. I keep pliers in the bathroom now.
  3. Ugh, that's unfortunate. Did the sales rep say whether or not sera had made any tweaks to the formula again?
  4. Yeah there seems to be mixed stock. I ordered a can of them on Amazon and got the original formula, and the blister packs and got the new formula. I ordered another can from the same Amazon listing a month later and got the new formula.
  5. How old is the can you have? Because I'm thinking there was actually a recent reformulation of the new one, so a newer new one.
  6. Actually if you look at my videos, it shows that the new formula has been improved and seems to be in fact better than the original in terms of how long it stays together in the water.
  7. Well, I bought this one a while back. It's threaded on the inside and outside on the tom thumb side, so it can be male or female: https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Diverter-Threaded-Connector-Bathroom/dp/B07XF1BCJH $11 is steep for an adapter, but hey, where else you gonna find it?
  8. Ah ok. Haven't had an issue once I get it in the water, just my Neanderthal fingers trying to drag one out of the bottle. I'll try to be more gentle.
  9. I love the co-op strips, too, definitely the best value out there. However, wanted to ask -- is anyone else having an issue with the little pads coming off as you pull a strip out of the container? Maybe I need to be more careful? Usually it's the the nitrate pad scraping against other pads/strips in the container and coming off maybe 20% of the time. Probably because there's so many strips packed in there.
  10. I have 3 CO2-injected tanks among the 9 planted tanks I have: Betta tank (Fluval Spec 16) - The overgrowth struggle is real. I love to maintain/trim, but I'm still mulling over what I want to do with the scape. The narrow leaf chain sword grew taller than I expected (I already removed half of it after it sprouted runners) and is covering up an interesting piece of wood. 40 Breeder rainbow/angel tank - Still and forever a work in progress as I see what plants I like, what plants thrive, and which of the thriving plants I like. 90 Gallon rainbow/tetra tank - I'm good with the way this one is scaped. Just waiting for the buce under the tree to fill in. Non-CO2 tanks: 40 Breeder Live-bearer colony - bad pic because windows. This is essentially a plant clipping trash can at this point, plus some big sword plants. 10 Gallon plant farm -- I put in clippings that I grow out and sell. My daughter's 20 gallon -- some fake plants as well. Work in progress. My son's 20G. Low light, everything is happy.
  11. Apparently blue zoo is a company based out of Washington -- any locals heard of it? https://www.wbrz.com/news/mall-of-louisiana-s-new-blue-zoo-aquarium-to-open-in-april-2021?fbclid=IwAR3ZD5zuvIxhpxhl-FWMiesyeWFG3TQ7aqEKh-GsiVXFcuqJCj8fX4uyJ34 They bought out several stores at the mall here; not much of it shown in the video other than a couple fish and some kids activities, but we currently have zero public aquariums in Baton Rouge.
  12. I have definitely heard horror stories with DIY root tabs causing ammonia spikes.
  13. I just read the whole interview he linked. There should definitely be a distinction between root tabs being "hocus pocus" and "not necessary" -- the latter of which is true in many cases (and likely in OP's case based on the plants she's growing). Gregg Zydeck's tank is on one end of the spectrum -- an established high-tech tank full of stem plants wouldn't benefit from root tabs, whereas a fairly new setup with crypts and swords in gravel would most certainly benefit from them, particularly in the beginning. Probably the most important bit of advice from that article is to find the plants that like the "soup" you're serving.
  14. That's an interesting claim that I haven't heard before. Any sources on this?
  15. Happy to report that they transfer to another surface pretty well, from my old laptop to my new one.
  16. I love messing around with various background options. I put the Current Serene background kit on my living room display tank recently--- I made a big 3d background for my 90 gallon bedroom tank: I tried making a 3d background via another method but didn't like how it turned out. I ended up using it in my guppy breeder.
  17. I was listening for swear words and at first didn't notice the public indecency happening at the top of the tank.
  18. When I first hatched out my bristlenose pleco fry, a few of them escaped into my 40G livebearer colony. I was also afraid they'd never get anything to eat, but they ended up growing way faster than any of the plecos that went in my 29G growout, and I barely fed them deliberately. I've found it near impossible to "hide" food from the livebearers because they're constantly scavenging and grazing. And guppies aren't really afraid of anything because they're stupid, so they'd just pick around whatever piece of wafer was exposed while the plecos put their whole face over it. I've found the best way to distract guppies away from the bottom food is to use sera o-nip tabs. I feed those only a couple times a week.
  19. Yep, a puffer. Not necessarily a Mbu puffer but something along those lines, with personality and a big appetite.
  20. My first fish tank, I was still a teenager and had a "ain't nobody gonna tell me nothin" attitude. So I stocked my 10 gallon with: 1 albino rainbow shark 1 black molly 1 3-spot gourami 1 common pleco 1 barb or tetra of some sort
  21. I have multiple models of the nicrew lights, including the skyled plus, which is the brightest of the bunch. It's a narrow light with not a lot of spread, so I recommend elevating it unless you intend to keep your most light demanding plants in one general area directly under it.
  22. Valid point for sure. As far as I can tell, the biggest difference between this fluval spec and a standard 10 gallon is glass thickness. The spec uses 1/4" glass so it's got the extra safety factor going for it. It is rimless, however, so the four corners are not touching anything. Like Daniel though, I've done some ill-advised things with tanks 20G and below, without consequences. Better safe than sorry anyhow.
  23. I have a fluval spec 16 that deliberately is designed to overhang via a built-in "stand" underneath it, so there's a couple inches of overhang on all four sides.
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