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  1. http://www.fishnet.org/files/favicon.png Chart on Fish Diseases, Symptoms and their Treatments WWW.FISHNET.ORG go down to the salt section at the bottom and maybe that will help you with your choice of using salt to increase the fish natural antibodies
  2. MTS I agree. One tank is never enough! As of now I cant set up my 55 in limited space; that and my 2 year old banging on my tank.
  3. Equipment - Fluval E 100, Finnex Planted+ 24/7, undergravel filter with 3 exhaust towers (meijer brand), Aqua culture air pump dual output 20-60 gallon rating, Cascade 300 internal filter at 70gph, sponge filter unattached to air line Plants - Hornwort floating, Anubis attached to driftwood and Java fern attached to plastic lattice Decorations - Gravel mostly black non enhanced, 4 pieces of Malaysian driftwood accounting for + or - 30% water space upright for pseudo cave look Fish Stocking - 8 gold barbs (recently brought in from pond), 3 albino cori. cats, 2 clown pleco, 1 powder blue gourami, 12 ghost shrimps and random mystery snails from the plants Chems - flourish comprehensive and flourish iron, essentials bio boost, and Tetra Aquasafe Recently I closed my pond for the winter and brought my gold barbs inside before they succumb to the cold like my poor cori. cats and bristlenose plecos. My plants were in the pond all summer and did well with some co2 boosters from flourish with the exception of my java fern. The java fern is a ball of roots with small amounts of leaves are green but look beat up but no new baby spawns on it. I checked my ph (8+, Ohio city water) and water quality on 10/10/2020 all is good as I am finishing my bacteria cycle on new water. The tank light is on the automated 24/7 cycle and it does its thing. The fish are happy and I feed them spectrum flakes, wafers and pellets once weekly. I have dosed half a cap of flourish comprehensive once each week and half cap of flourish iron once; along with a cap each week of essentials bio boost. questions or problems My cascade 300 seems to only have enough water movement to keep the Fluval E 100 from low flow flashing if its exhaust tube is pointed directly at the heater. So what should I do without turning my low flow tank into a fast moving stream? options im looking at are the Sicce Shark ADV 400 (106 gph) or 600 (158gph) internal canister, Fluval U3 (155 gph) series or the Fluval cp1 (265 gph) Should I use co2 or liquid Flourish Excel or go without and wait? Last but not least I haven't figured out how to load a pic from google to the url and I don't have social media to link an image from else where to help further help. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this and offer up any suggestions. Please note nothing is set in stone and I am very flexible with my tank ideas or equipment.
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