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  1. Thank you all so much for the information!! I really appreciate the quick response and mountaintoppufferkeeper thank you especially for taking the time to reply with so much information. Greatly appreciate you all
  2. So I had a Fahaka for about a few months when my friend couldn’t home him any longer due to potential size and restriction on tank space, anyway I’ve set up my 125 up and used aragonite sand and crushed aragonite mixed in with very little filter sand. The tank he’s in now is mainly filter sand with some crushed aragonite mixed in. My question and concern would be, is aragonite sand bad for the fahakas because of the rise in ph, from what I read I was completely confident in this decision until I saw a fish forum say don’t use aragonite (not specifying exactly why) lol so now I’m all worried I’ve been cycling his tank for a little while now it would suck to have to start over but would be much better than him hurting. I have soft water and with them liking a little more kh than I can offer found myself always buffering the water anyway, Any tips on substrate or anything else would be greatly appreciated.
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