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  1. @MaxCsorry it took me so long to catch your post. Your puffer does look like it has got a deformity but I bet he’s just fine (adds character). I’ve yet to see mine with the fin opened up so I can’t see it being a big deal. Here’s a couple pics of mine, and good luck with yours.
  2. This is the exact topic I was going to start, thanks Preston John. And I know your the perfect person for this question. I recently got a baby schoutedeni puffer maybe 1 1/2” from Dan’s Fish. He’s captive breed (not in the states but I don’t know where) and seems to be doing great in his new home. I know Dan was mainly feeding them scuds and snails to plump them up a little. Since I got him/her it took about 4 days for me to get him/her to eat anything which was finally bloodworms. I’m still trying snails of varying sizes and no interest. I ordered in scuds just the other day so I’m going to start a colony but I tried a few with a dropper to him/her and maybe some interest but just not quick enough to eat one. So what I’m getting at is do you think at this young it’s ok to be just eating bloodworms? I have snails in the tank so if he/she decides to transfer over they are there. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, I live in NJ and I’ve been in the hobby since I was a kid to varying degrees. I’ve at some point kept everything from community freshwater planted and unplanted to reefs to ponds, love it all. It’s great to be apart of a community like this.
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