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  1. Jessex

    Sick Betta

    My poor boy isn't feeling good. Beginning stage on pinecone and a slightly bloated. Just came on this morning. Saw him poop yesterday and plenty active and normal even ate. I feed bug bites, and frozen blood worms about once a week. Params are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5-10 nitrate so all good. I do have soft water in that tank. 10 gal with 1 nerite and live plants, last water change was last weekend about 25% with light gravel vac. No sponge filter cleaning. 1 IAL which he has been under all day so far. Is this dropsy? Is there any hope or is it certain death for him? Water temp 79-80. He is a king so he has spade like tail no other signs of illness. Just slight bloat, beginning to pinecone and a little pale on the underside. I didnt feed him this morning at all. Can't get a good pic of him because he is under his IAL in tge bottom corner of his tank, but any suggestions would be helpful!
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