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  1. That is true, but what is the point that you have too much surface area, to the point that you have excess considering your BB only grows to the size you need? Just trying to enhance my knowledge, and not be "That Guy" and get excited for every little widget. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Good evening, So I am trying to educate myself about biological filtration media. Is it necessary or is it a gimmick? OK, gimmick might be too strong of a word, and I do use it in my FX6. I'll also admit that I am a gimmick guy. If something claims to help me or make things easier, I'll take a look. Anyhoo, if beneficial bacteria will grow on any surface, and only grows to take care of the load in your aquarium (so you can't have more BB then needed), what use does it actually serve? I have come across that some media would allow the growth of anaerobic bacteria which can consume nitrates (if my reading is right). So would that be the real reason for it? Otherwise like I said, is it more gimmicky then actually useful? Please be kind, rewind. Thanks! Jacob
  3. What temperature are you shooting for with your heater? Room temp? If the top of your heater is angled towards your output, I would try that.
  4. I've had it up since September 2020. I hear as long as you wipe it down if it gets wet it does its job. I'd like to think that if it was truly an issue they wouldn't be selling them.... I've also thought about trying to reinforce it with some 2x or 1x lumber. I guess time will tell.
  5. To me they don't seem bright enough. I've tried moving them around on top but it doesn't seem to matter much.
  6. Hello, happy Saturday! I have one of those 125 gallon kits from Petsmart, and am looking to upgrade the LED lights that came with it. My tank is currently central/south american cichlids. I am looking at the Fluval Aquasky 2.0s, mainly because i can get them in person. Because of the length I am guessing 2 of the 36" ones to be able to light the whole tank? Or would I be better of with three 24" models? Or is there a different light I should get? Thanks in advance.
  7. Just an update. I stuck an air stone under the heater and it took care of the LF problem. Now I'll have to figure out a permanent solution. I guess if I had done my due diligence I would have known to place it by the output instead of the intake. That would have taken care of it. Oh well.
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions and comments. Ambient room temperature does seem to be a factor from another post I found, and I did notice it more when the furnace kicked on. I might give the air stone a try too. And yes, I don't expect much from Fluval. But figured I'd try all paths. Thanks again.
  9. So Fluval E300 heater.... 125 gallon tank. In use for about a month. Mounted 45 degrees with the bottom towards the intake of a Fluval FX6. Ambient room temperature is about 72 degrees. The E300 shows 77.5, my little thermometer attached to the tank shows 78ish(probably closer to 79), and a thermometer with the probe I drop in the water shows 78ish, so I'm sure the water is close to where it should be. I do have a Eheim Jager 300W Heater at the other end. But for the last couple of days it has been flashing between 77.5 and LF, which my understanding is Low Flow. No other errors. I've searched the net and have an open ticket with Fluval, but thought I try here. I'm not getting the LF. The FX6 is open all the way, and from the sound of the output it sure sounds like good flow. So should I be worried? Any more troubleshooting I can do?
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