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  1. Thank you both for your replies. I’m trying to locate an arborist but most listed on their site are tree service companies who aren’t calling me back to come look at the tree. I’m still trying though. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, not sure if anyone out there can assist me with a concern I have with a tree in my yard, but I figured since nerms are nature enthusiasts in general, someone might be able to give me their thoughts. I have a mature maple tree in my backyard that we think is about 35 to 40 years old. In recent years, little chunks of bark have begin begun to separate from the trunk. This past year, a large piece of bark separated from the trunk. My concern is that the tree is on a slow path to death. The tree did we leaf out this spring but it does appear that I had more limb die off this winter than previous years. Any one out there with experience with such an issue?
  3. I am one of those fortunate people who have a severe allergy to Blood Worms. Frozen Blood worms if they get in my eyes will swell my eye shuts and make me sneeze my head off. I made the mistake last year of trying freeze dried blood worms as an alternative and breathing in the dust from opening the bottle landed me in the emergency room. Needless to say I will read fish food labels closely when I buy fish foods to stay as far clear of blood worms as I possibly can. That said, I would like to try live and/or freeze dried black worms. Does anyone have experience feeding any kind of black worms after realizing they have a blood worm allergy. No other food I have ever fed, frozen or free dried have ever given me problems to date. Thanks everyone.
  4. That is so cool. That is absolutely him. I never knew his name was Vince. Kmuda is an absolute treasure trove of fish keeping knowledge. He experimented all time with his tanks to further his knowledge of the hobby so he can pass it onto others. He made everyone on that site a better fishkeeper. I really miss that board. So many great people and some real characters as well. If you get a chance to meet/talk to him, maybe get him to create an ID here. He truly was Cory before there was a Cory from aquarium coop.
  5. Wow great suggestions and feedback. I absolutely will be using slot of your suggestions. In case you have any other ideas, I’m including a picture of the spider wood and rocks I was planning to add. I’m not sure if all of the rocks will make it in or not. Second, your tank in that thread is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous and something to aspire to.
  6. Here is what I have. -20 Long -24" Finnex Stingray light - Small sponge and HOB filter - 30 Lb of Activ Flora subrate with regular substrate on top to get to 3" I plan for those to be a neon tank with shrimp, nerites and maybe a few Ottos. The tank will have a few rocks for decoration and a spider wood center pieces. I want the tank to be heavily planted. If you had an unlimited budget for plants on the Co-op site, what would you add? I'm hoping for some inspiration.
  7. So do you think a pair of 20’s will keep the water crystal clean? No need for HOB to polish water? Could a USB nano power two small sponge filters?
  8. I know I’ve heard Cory mention that you should allow a newly planted tank establish a while before adding fish. In my 20 long I plan to add a school of neons and cherry shrimp eventually. I’ll have a cleanup crew as well with some nerite snails, maybe some ottos, again eventually. Is the general idea to let plants grow on their own, let some algae grow and then in 2-3 months add the livestock?
  9. I’m starting my first planted tank on a 20 long. I was planning on adding a Coop medium sponge filter, but do you generally recommend adding a HoB like an AQ30 to help polish the water as well? Thanks.
  10. I was thinking it would be nice to have a sort feature in the live plants section of the site for say root vs. other types of aquarium plants. Background, mid and foreground plants etc. Just a thought.
  11. I’m starting a 20 long with a variety of coop plants. I have Activ-Flora substrate to start. Would root tabs be helpful to add to stem plants or would it be redundant to start until the plants use up the nutrients in the Activ-Flora.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take a look. They are really cool fish. Very slow growing but I like that about them. Here is a pic of a few of them from a few months back.
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