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  1. Yeah as @Guppysnail said, I have a very social and friendly Featherfin Catfish, named Pooka. She greets me when I come near the tank, excitedly pressing her whiskers to the glass and swimming around upside down. She'll also let me hand feed her. I have her housed in a 40 breeder, but I wish I could have her in a 4 ft tank; a 55 gal would be great for one. Here's some videos! I do want to caution that they are classed as semi-aggressive, and Pooka hates every other large-ish fish I've tried her with. They're also very territorial, and want their own cave. And she has a habit of nipping at the platies she's housed with. But they can be a great odd-ball type wet pet if allowed the time to build trust.
  2. My bichirs like to do loop de loops through the bubbles. And my featherfin catfish loves to swim down into the bubbles. I'm convinced that adding bubbles is a great way to give your fish entertainment.
  3. A friend just linked me this. I love it!
  4. @James Black plays with his betta with a laser pointer, much like a cat would. You can also put a mirror by their tank for a few minutes a day, and they'll flare and show off at their reflection.
  5. Well, at least she's eating the pellets, that's a good start! If that's the only food you can get for her, she will probably do fine. But maybe next time you can get to a store, try asking the people who work there what other betta food you can try.
  6. How long have you had your betta?
  7. We sure will! Your betta should take to the flakes eventually. Just keep trying to feed a little bit every day, and scoop out the uneaten stuff.
  8. What stores do you have? Petco? Petsmart? Bettas in the wild eat small bugs, little crustaceans and tiny worms. They really need to have a diet suited for their body, and human food wouldn't be right for them.
  9. I think it's best to give your betta treats specifically made for him. They carry all kinds of tasty things at pet stores, like blood worms and brine shrimp that he'd enjoy.
  10. It's mostly Black Diamond medium, yeah. I did recently throw in some regular black colored sand I got from PetSmart to add a bit more depth for the giant sword, so there's a bit of that mixed in.
  11. Tesla graduated to the 75 yesterday; he was eating all the baby Limia and harassing my Mystery Snails in the 29. He's reached 3 inches, so I think he's safe from becoming a Dragon snack. So far everyone's getting along great.
  12. I need to stop looking at this tank, the duck weed roots are driving me nuts, lol! But I decided to add some driftwood, since the crushed coral did a great job at raising my Kh, and so the Ph shouldn't dive down from the tannins (in theory). Plus the wood will grow some tasty numnums for the snails and future shrimp. But first I had to get approval from the boss on my wood choices. And here's the tank now: I trimmed off some of the val that had the hair algae, and added a few more rocks to keep the wood in place, as well as just to add visual interest. My marimo is getting crazy. Think I need to give it a good roll. I also added a little Mystery Snail. My hubby named it Tori. I love when he participates. 😄 I'm going to try to do my best to be zen about the floating duck weed roots. They'll eventually disintegrate and be mulm, right?
  13. Goodness gracious. I was gone for 2 weeks and the dwarf aquarium lily went nuts! Here's a very crooked pic I took right before I left: And here we are now: I had put in a little piece of hornwort and lessened the light duration to try to combat the staghorn/hair algae, aaaaand I think all that happened was some duckweed die off (after growing into a thick mat). There's shed duckweed roots everywhere, it's a mess. My first instinct is "WATER CHANGE, SUCK ALL THOSE SHED ROOTS OUT" but nonono, this is a no WC tank, gotta stay on target. The lily seems happy though. Despite the mess, the tank is cycled, and I'm starting to think about adding some inhabitants. There's a little stripy yellow Mystery Snail in the 29 I think I'm going to put in there, and I think next time I get paid I'll be ordering some Bloody Mary neos from somewhere.
  14. Home again! It's so good to be back, it'll be nice to return to my normal routine. I'm sad to report that Mister Mojo the betta did not make it, but with the age and condition he was in before I left, this didn't come as a surprise. His 5 gallon will sit empty for a bit, I'm not sure what I'll put in it next. I love bettas but the splendens variety seem so fragile. I might get an alien betta next, or just maybe some nano fish. I don't know. Everyone else is fine though! I gave everyone some midnight snacks when I got home.
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