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  1. It really sucks that those lines he’s been working on 10+ years have been lost. His video updates over the past few days have really made me appreciate the lifetimes work that some individuals put into the fish that make our hobby. This is a man who’s definitely not in the game to make the big bucks, he’s driven through passion. His knowledge of fish and aquaculture is off the scale.
  2. I watched their updates on YouTube today... it doesn’t make for great viewing if you love fish 😞 lots of casualties. Let’s just hope that the next few years are disaster free so they can get up and running fully again. He did say he’s planning some blog posts outlining what’s happened and what their plans are moving forward.
  3. Snails... I just don’t get snails 😅 but also most discus variants, I think wild discus are so beautiful but some of the ornamental variants just look like plastic toy fish. And it amuses me when people spend all their time making the most natural looking tanks and then fill it with the most unnatural looking fish. Each to their own, as long as you’re enjoying in do whatever you want! I also don’t really get people that keep set ups that are so complex and so high maintenance that you never get time to just enjoy the thing. But again whatever floats your boat... you do you ☺️
  4. My corys go after the sinking Cichlid gold all the time and seem to love it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best thing for them long term. I use hikari sinking wafers as a dry food for my corydoras.
  5. I adopted a single yo-yo from someone who was getting rid of their tank, I put it in a community tank with a bunch of clown loaches and other stuff... it doesn’t really harm anything, it does have moments where it chases the clowns around sometimes but it’s not a 24/7 thing and it’s been over a year with no apparent problems. It doesn’t seem to bother anything that’s not on the bottom. I did have kribensis in there at one point but there was a group so I dunno how a single male would react. If this individual fish is known to be aggressive I would be cautious...
  6. I hope you have success raising them! But if not dont give up! It took me quite a bit of trial and error before I got the hang of it. I’ve tried so many different methods but always go back to methylene blue, it’s dirt cheap (in the UK) and goes along way. Hydrogen Peroxide does work but I rarely recommend it unless you have experience using it, you always hear horror stories on FB where people haven’t diluted it properly and nuked their tank. I use lab/food grade peroxide from eBay because our drug store brands sometimes have additives, and it’s cheaper, but not as cheap as methylene blue! 😊
  7. They’re all so beautiful! After many years of saying I’m gonna get angels, I recently finally got a few juveniles from a local guy who’d bred them. They’re now probably my favourite fish! I can’t go past the tank without stopping and staring. I could sit and look at folks angel pictures all day long! 😍
  8. It looks like scale formation like what you’d find on the heating element of a kettle, as if the water had been boiling locally around the glass.. but an aquarium heater shouldn’t get anywhere close to hot enough for that to happen... very odd 🤔
  9. I agree, I stick sponge filters in all my tanks I like the bubbles, I like the sound so why not have that extra bit of filtration... I guess a lot of people just don’t like the look of one in their display tanks but like bubbles. Also I’m sure a bit of creativity could turn an bubbling tank ornament into some sort of sponge filter 😜
  10. This happened when I was young in my first ever aquarium and scared the heck outta me, I though my fish were being electrocuted. It’s one of the unfortunate flaws in the design of a standard heater, if two of those filaments get too close, they’re potentially gonna short out and arc. Provided the glass case isn’t breached your fish should be okay if you catch it early. Over 10 years later I’m still super heater paranoid 😂 I always keep a couple of spares. Like previously stated, heaters are just notoriously unreliable, when you think how many times it potentially cycles on and off in its life, it’s only a matter of time before something goes bad.
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