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  1. Planning a dirted tank. Should I use sand under the dirt to build height in key areas or just toss in more dirt? I'm guess more dirt wouldn't hurt anything...Thoughts???
  2. Just an FYI-...I raise flightless fruit flies for my daughter's dart frog. We currently have more than can be eaten by that little guy. I decided to dump some in with my rice fish to see what would happen. The flies are small enough they can kind of walk around on the surface tension of the water. They didn't last long though. Once the fish noticed what was going on they went bonkers gulping them down. Tried some in the guppy tank, same thing, feeding frenzy. I'm not sure if this is a common live food, but they're easy to culture and inexpensive if you're raising them yourself...
  3. After looking into how snails are identified I'm still pretty certain it's the invasive New Zealand Mud Snail. One way is counting the number whorls on the shell. Malaysian Trumpet Snails have a higher number 10-12. NZMS typically have about 5...
  4. I have ramshorn snails, what I now think are New Zealand Mud Snails, cherry shrimp, and amano shrimp. I don't have any nerite snails. I didn't notice any affects. Everything except the hydra seems fine including the young snails and the fry I had in the tank. I followed the instructions to the letter including the recommended water change after treatment. If you try it just make sure you use the correct dosage...
  5. I had an issue with hydra getting out of hand in my Dwarf Emerald Rasbora tank. Ended up buying Planaria Zero on Amazon. Worked like a charm. Within 3 days the polyps all shrank up and were gone. Since I share plants I noticed some starting in my Cherry Shrimp tank a couple weeks later. Planaria Zero...and they were gone. If you're interested in any, non-professional, pics I posted the 3 day cycle on IG at the end of January this year. Kabong1978 <-- IG account
  6. Leaning heavily towards this now...New Zealand Mud Snail
  7. https://ksoutdoors.com/Fishing/Aquatic-Nuisance-Species/Aquatic-Nuisance-Species-List/New-Zealand-mudsnail
  8. Maybe...I'm not convinced that's what it is just yet. The Trumpet snails look like they have a different shell type.
  9. I've had these little snails in some of my tanks for at least 6+ months now. Originally I figured they could be young Malaysian snails, but I've yet to see an adult. I haven't seen any of these over 4mm long. Any idea what they are? Some type of "dwarf" snail species? I've checked at night after the lights have been off. I've checked the little slow motion feeding frenzy the occurs when I drop in wafers. I've stirred up the gravel a bit...Nothing larger than 4mm.
  10. FYI- I needed a sieve for some live baby brine. Turns out a reusable Keurig K-Cup works perfectly. The screen mesh is tight enough none of the LBB went through. Although, I won't be using the K-Cup for coffee anymore...
  11. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2021/01/tiny-catfish-shrugs-off-piranha-bites/?cmpid=org=ngp::mc=social::src=facebook::cmp=editorial::add=fbp20210124animals-fishsurvivepiranhabites::rid=&sf242225923=1&fbclid=IwAR2N2dJ21wwRpvX31jVuDz0BJG8ek0PrIfaHwP9JzJxQ3yh3Lf4C2RT_Sic Not related directly to substrate, but might provide some info on just how tough these fish are...
  12. I'll try to get a better pic, but these little guys don't stop moving. I've had this heavily planted 40 breeder set up for a couple years. Everything else seems to be healthy, but 3 or 4 of my Emerald Danio's have developed some "bumps" around their body and in the right light some bumps appear to be internal as well...I've tried salt for 7 days so far with no improvement. Any suggestions?
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