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  1. I use the API. The pro is API TESTING IS DO MUCH cheaper than test strips if you are testing multiple tanks weekly. The con is they take more time. I do have them in my fish kit tho and have seen a difference in nitrate levels with strips vs api. Do the test chemicals in API go bad faster than the other tests? My kit has abt a year before it is set to expire. by the way I’m careful to shake bottle two 30 secs and the mix 60 secs.
  2. Seachem recommends 250 ml on denitrate. I think that works out as a little over a cup of denitrate in a bio bag. I’m thinking about a corner or box filter or a sis’s knockoff. Also thought of taking the media out of one of the aqua clears if I can figure out a way to successfully slow the flow to 50gph
  3. 🤨Hi. What filter can I use the suggested Seachem 50gph or less water flow. I’m having trouble controlling nitrates ina 20 gallon housing 5 small African Ciclids. I’ve purchased denitrate from Seachem, but the aqua clears I filter the tank with have much higher gph. I’ve tried all the standard remedies and am setting up a bigger tank for them, but that’s a slow happening.
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