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  1. Hello from Auckland! May I ask where you got the blue koura? kind of keen to get one haha
  2. thank you! I definitely recommend apistos. they are really fun little creatures. I think they get an unfair reputation of being harder to keep but as long as you keep the water clean, much like everything else they are no harder than anything else. Thanks i might try start another thread soon! I might try take some pictures and that soon! Thanks for the welcome :)
  3. I would love to hear someone joey from king of diy or if you were wanting to talk saltwater i reckon reefdork would be really interesting.
  4. Hi everyone My name is Cam and I live in New Zealand. I'm joining this forum for a few reasons. I'm joining this group because I was quite an active member of the Facebook group that the co-op used to run but got kicked for a heated reaction to someone being racist to me lol but that is a story for another day. I'm also in the midst of constructing a fish room and am looking for tips and tricks anyone might have! I'm also wanting to meet some cool people to share my love for my fishy friends with! I have only been in the hobby seriously for about 2 years but I am loving every minute of it. Currently I have a juvenile Oscar called Jeremy in a 40 gallon (don't worry, he will get his125 once my fishroom is done in about 2 weeks. He's still tiny though so its fine haha.) I also have an axolotl called Franklin in a 25ish gallon tank who is a family favorite. I have a tank with a lot of guppies too cause my girlfriend loves them haha. Also have a temporary tank that has a pair of apisto agassizii who I want to breed once they get a bit larger. there is also about Kuhli loaches in that tank. I recently shifted so i only have those tanks at the moment and they are by no means pretty of permeant. Once my fishroom is finished I will have a 125 south american tank featuring the oscar and some geophagus. I also will be breeding all sorts of ancistrus, praecox rainbows, corys and tangiyikans like brevis, brichardi, gold occelatus and probably more. Dont know all of what i want to breed but that is where i want to start. I also have an instagram and want to start youtube about my fish cause i like being creative. im looking forward to putting more time into that once im finished building. Anyway im interested in meeting some like minded folks so if anyone wants to introduce themselves or give any tips to get the most out of the forum or that i would love to hear! Thanks everyone! Cam :)
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