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  1. That’s the name I forgot to take a picture at store lol thanks daniel
  2. So I have planted baby tears in a 35 gallon cube with co2 and a finnex planted+. It’s about 20” to the substrate. They seem to be doing good. But any advice for this plant that might help me out.
  3. just to quote cory in you have plants your really dont need a filter you just need to make the water move around... the 5 gallon filter will be fine for the ten gallon, your plants are doing work too, nature's filter.
  4. jungle val would be a little tall for a 10 gallon in my 55 it grows up to 4ft tall. maybe pogostemon stellotus octopus if you like those thin wispy leaves
  5. My crypts sit about like this maybe you could have them down a tad bit to far. I make sure the roots are under that’s it. over time they buried themselves naturally.
  6. Nice, me to Karen I had to get a half teaspoon and scoop it out. I’m think of trying to find a old Parmesan cheese shake or something equivalent to shake it out
  7. Was at LFS saw a different dry fry food. Picked some up to try it out. It’s 100% Antarctic Krill and it’s 250 micron. It’s like powder about the size of baby brine. My guppie and molly fry tore it up. Has anyone else tried this. https://www.amazon.com/NorthFin-Starter-Formula-Fish-Food/dp/B01LZP2OUW
  8. My banana plant dropped one leaf and is losing another with dark coloring any idea? Maybe Deficiency
  9. They order twice a week from over seas and once a month from Florida. I live right next to ups world port so even if they don’t need them shipping is quick.
  10. That seems nice too. I enjoy corys. I’ll have to ask the lfs what there demand is like they don’t really keep a big tank of them though.
  11. I live right near the falls of Ohio river and there’s tons of driftwood. I’m thinking of scavenging some. Is there anything I should avoid. I know to avoid softwoods. Any advice to tell the difference.
  12. Do y’all think I should remove the rocks? Would they affect plant runners? I used about 1.5” soil organic 1” sand with pebbles on top
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