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  1. I have never used anything requiring an air pump before. Dead spots and hot and cold spots are my concerns. I have co ops little green hanging air pump to use with it..its meant for my new tank that i havent set up yet...i like that i can choose my media and its not as much current as i have a betta...so i decided to get that air pump and a box filter but then thought...oh no..maybe it wont have enough current. *face palm*
  2. Do you find they create enough flow? It would be my only filter if i choose to use it in a 10 gallon with a heater.
  3. Pros and cons of box filters as your only filter..10 gallon...does anyone use them?
  4. What are some plants that arent "floating plants" but could be grown/kept floating?
  5. I will check...but idk anyone in my area who keeps fish...and we only have a petsmart. The closest actual fish store is 2 hours away. But maybe craigslist or fb marketplace.
  6. Low light but some from a window a good part of the day...and i put a "not very well fitting but will do for now" glass top on it so it gets some light from an overhead light in the evening but the light is pretty high up. The lid/light the tank came with causes him to see his reflection too much..even with matte backgrounds etc. I actually have a fluval plant nano light to go on an upgrade but we have to do some renovations/repairs near where that tank is going to be set up first so he is still in the 5..i suppose i could see if it would fit on my 5 gallon and not cause a reflection problem. But id have to take it off the tank every night because i switch lids as i worry the glass lets out too much heat at night.
  7. Thank you all for these suggestions! I have very low light right now. No tank light at all. What might not die? Lol
  8. Whats some good floating plants for a 5 gal with one betta and low light?
  9. @Daniel so..is an independent heater controller just like an external thermostat that shuts power to them off if they overheat the water or does it do other things.
  10. @Ken Dyer @Daniel my room is currently 62ish but can get down to 40ish at its coldest in the winter. My 50 watt zacro heaters kept my water stable at 79 throughout last winter. But maybe they had to over work. Not sure. My fish died last spring and im getting another one soon but when i got my heaters out to prepare i saw cloudy discoloration on the glass on the inside in the same spot on them both. No other signs of damage. So...im just not sure.
  11. @Ken Dyer would 50 watts be more than enough for a 5 gallon in a cold room....or is 100 watts better...or just gonna be way too strong?
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