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  1. Does this always have to be installed as a loop? I have a wall and I was curious if I could just use this in a straight line. Thanks!
  2. I am curious if you can use the flexible pvc for the linear air piston pump that way you can have one long big piece and place it around the room
  3. Calling all fish room experts! I am really going back and forth in putting an entire RO system for the new fish room or not. I am on city water, so I will have to get a carbon block at the very least to keep the chlorine out. But my water right now is super hard, liquid rock, which I absolutely love having since I enjoy a lot of livebearers. What would you advise? I have three options I believe. I should also say that I will be setting up an auto water change system as well. Option #1: Put in a RO system for the whole fish room and use crushed coral or other things in the aquariums that I need a higher TDS Option #2: Use the city water, put in a carbon block and filters to remove chlorine. Option #3: Put in RO system but only have one rack on the system. Use the rest of the racks on the city water.
  4. Great thank you! I think that is more close to what it actually is.
  5. I’m curious as to what this variety would be called. Anyone have any ideas? I believe they were sold to me as Sunset Variatus but I’m not sure.
  6. Where are you located if you don't mind me asking? I'll come by if you are close and check out all that you have!
  7. This looks great! Do you mind if I ask where you are located/region? I am working on my build and I love how you have put this together!
  8. So those of you who have fish rooms, would you let someone come and do a tour to put on YouTube or would you be weirded out by that? im working on my channel and trying to fond some people interested in allowing me to film and put it on my channel but I wanted to ask and see what was the general consensus first.
  9. How many subs/views would you guess is needed for sponsorships from Xtreme, Fritz, etc. ?
  10. Alright you Genetic Nerms! I need some help in thinking about the results of breeding various types of plecos. What will be a result if I breed a super red long fin and a regular brown long fin?
  11. Made a video on drilling tanks and the progress I have made thus far! Only broke 1 out of 30
  12. P.S. It's hard to talk on camera....
  13. A few things I ordered to start getting ready for the move!
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