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  1. I inherited a group of 20 sterbai from my friends father who passed away. I've had them for over a year, and just had them spawn successfully. My hope is to keep the line going for as long as possible.
  2. I've truthfully never used a light on my brine shrimp hatchery. Just the ambient light of the room that's maybe on for 8 hours. The hatchery is located near a heat pipe in my basement and does stay at 80° besides the summer it goes to about 75. I've never seen it drop lower than that. I am able to hatch every 24 hours and sometimes let it go about 36 if I'm busy. Once I shut the air off I don't use a light to draw them to the bottom either, about 90% or more typically just fall down on their own. I am pretty happy with this and have been continuing this routine for 2 years. I used to use a light and worry about heat. But for me I've found that I don't actually need to stress about the fine details and they will hatch as long as you get them some salt. I have upgraded to the ziss hatchery and that has been the only thing I have changed in my routine for these 2 years and that has definitely made my hatching experience much more efficient. Sorry for the rant. I just think I'm either very lucky in hatching or baby brine don't need as much attention as we think. Don't worry, do what works best for you, and you'll be fine!
  3. That looks absolutely beautiful! I love it. A nice background is definitely on my to-do list.
  4. I've been there believe me. My tanks are mostly in a basement so I'm free for worry about damages. However I do get concerned about making them level as you are. I can tell you I have a 40 tall on cinder blocks and 2×4s no plywood and it's almost perfect but it's not 100% level. It's been set up and running for almost 3 years. And it appears to be going strong. I've also had tanks set up outside on the ground and never had an issue. They were definitely not level. 😅😂
  5. @BisScottie If it were me I'd just remove the foam then let it rest on the plywood. You got this!
  6. I would stay away from the foam all together. It's a recipe for disaster imo. If you are really concerned, why don't you throw a piece of plywood underneath the tank? Even if it isn't 100% get it as close as you can and fill it anyway. Wait a few days and check the level again.
  7. I second the dwarf chain loach. In my experience they went great with my community fish and are snail munching machines.
  8. I swapped my 29 in the living room for another I had in storage. Its been bare for about a year due to camallanus killing my fish. Well now I painted the background and put down a ceramic bottom. With 5 guppies and 5 sterbai cory cats for now.
  9. Hello there! I have a few finnex light fixtures That specific setting covers all the light modes. It will go from low to medium to high light throughout the day. Now just because it is high light at one point doesn't mean it's actually high light. That term I think means what consistent amount of light you have going on the tank at all times. Hopefully that makes sense? And as much as I would love to have my aquarium lights on 24/7 I have always had a bad algae outbreak using that mode. No matter what I'd do it always got unmanageable for me...
  10. This forum has filled a hole in my life. ðŸĪŠ I have had tanks for years and it was just my dad and I. Then I found myself with health issues and in the hospital for a few months and I stumbled onto what is the online fish community. I never had social media before then. People in my family used to joke with me about having a "fishroom". I had absolutely no idea that it was actually a thing until I saw someone online post their own fishroom. From there I typed in fishroom on YouTube and discovered Cory's videos. The rest is history. I have a friend or two who keep fish, but I don't know anyone irl who are a bonafied nerms. Thanks to all you people! And @Cory for making this forum specifically. I thought I was the only crazy one for a few years there. 😭
  11. My dad has 4 snail tanks that have been running for a few years. He uses them to feed his puffer fish. I just really started a snail tank myself. Here is some advice he gave me that has gone a long way for the both of us. Green beans. Feed them green beans. Any kind out of a can will do. I have found that when I feed anything else the snails waste gets everywhere and the tanks are always hard to keep up with in terms of cleanliness. I don't know what it is about green beans but their waste becomes extremely clean and manageable if that's all they eat. Like I said my dad has done it for years in 4 snail tanks with I bet 1000's of snails. It seems like his secret weapon. Good luck raising your snails!
  12. Welp I'm two days behind on this post. But I was getting ready to move some bronze Corydoras yesterday and noticed the same thing on one of them right above the fin. I decided not to move them and did a significant water change and cleaned everything very well. Today he looks a tad bit better. I'll do another small water change and continue to monitor it. The other two cats he is with seem absolutely fine and healthy, and so does he besides the mass attached to him.
  13. I added the photo.👍
  14. Incase anyone is curious. Last night I was destroyed from work and not thinking about fish keeping at that moment. When I woke up I said to myself oh I have a whole bag of crushed coral actually and of course that will raise the ph.😅 So this afternoon I added 2.5lbs in a mason jar to the tank. I'm still gonna dose the levamisol here in a few minutes, just in case. Thank you people for the advice and concern. And @Cory I wasn't going to tag you in this. For some reason when I went to respond to this thread you were already tagged and it seemed to save as a draft. I tried to delete your name several times and in different ways. So I'm utilizing the fact that it won't go away, to let you know that it won't go away.ðŸĪŠ
  15. Thank you @Cory, do you happen to have any suggestions how by chance?
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