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  1. Everyday I think I know how many Sterbai Corydoras there are in the tank. Everyday I'm shocked to see there are more than I thought.
  2. I'm at work and need to measure again. But I believe it was around 8 inches.
  3. I have a cinder block stand and I want to move some tanks around. I would like to put them on the stand in a "portrait" layout to maximize space. But the stand isn't wide enough and the tanks will hang off the edge. I've seen other fishrooms do this, I was just wondering what's the likelihood of a tank failing being set up like this? I thought of putting down a sheet of plywood across the top to counter the weight. I'm also curious if it would be possible to line the tanks up flush with the front of the stand and having just the rear hang off the back? What does everyone think?
  4. I'm intrigued. Could you give a overview on white worms. I've never done worms of any kind.
  5. I've been wondering this for a little while myself. About 2 months ago I reset the 30 gallon in my living room. I ended up with a tile bottom and some plants I took from other tanks. I'm going to continue to add more plants but I think I'm going to stick to a more bare bottom style. I can't decide if it's considered a planted tank or not? 🤷
  6. About 2 months ago I threw some java moss in two different sealed jars. One is in my fishroom under LED lights the other is in my room that gets a ton of sunlight. The idea was I wanted to see if it would grow emersed. They both seem to be growing but the one in my bedroom has seemed to double in size. If I remember tomorrow I'll update with a picture.
  7. I repurposed a couple of glass seasoning jars for my fish food blends. I soaked them in vinegar and taped them shut. I also threw a piece of tape down the middle for a little viewing panel so I know how much is in the container. One coat of black spray paint and viola! I've been using them for a few months and really like the widemouth opening for dispensing flakes. One of them I'm using for my fry food and the other is for my tank in the living room. I typically feed what I consider a high quality flake with spirulina and copepod powder tossed in.
  8. I honestly prefer guppies with shorter tails! Personally I think they are easier to care for. As far as plants go, floating water sprite has been a savior for me in terms of breeding and water quality for my guppies.
  9. The only time I really utilize aged water is for changing water in my fry tanks. I honestly don't know why I do it. 🤪
  10. Go through his foods, buy him a bunch of foods he doesn't already have. Fish tank people love a variety of fish food. 💯👍
  11. My dad has kept them for years. They don't ever hunt the snails. He has to actually crush them and dump them in the tank for them to eat them. They are amazing fish, they know his face, and everytime he pulls out a plate, they know to go to the spot where he feeds.🤣
  12. Definitely trilineatus in the bottom picture. If I was a gambler I'd say the other one is as well. Even if it's not, I'd leave it in there.
  13. This is incredible! I'm curious about how many otto's you started with, and what do you think helped attribute to their spawning?
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