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  1. OK, So, I rescued an Angel and 2 Glow fish from one of my tenants who moved out. They were in a 10 gallon tank that had no heater or filter and had evaporated at least 5 gallons. Took them home, cleaned up the tank, refilled, added bacteria and salt and put them back in. I've been away from the hobby for about 17 years but, I kept all my tanks and "stuff". Pulled out a 55 gallon and filled, decorate, bacteria, salt and let it cycle for about a week then put the fish in. About three weeks later I bought about 25 fish to put in with the three, I set up the 10 gallon as a quarantine/med tank and put them in. ( I noticed ick on 2 of the new fish) That was today. Now I just realized I never medicated the original 3. Though they are not showing any bad signs (it's only been 3 weeks. I don't know why I didn't originally medicate them but, I didn't. So, my question. Should I pull the original three and put them in the quarantine tank with the others (pretty full tank)? Or, put them all in the 55 gal. and treat that tank? Or Wait my 4 weeks with the ones in quarantine then swap them to the 55 gal. and put the 3 in the treated 10 gallon for a few weeks? Or, just not worry about the original 3 (considering I'm already contemplating, this may not be an option)? Thanks in advance. Kyle
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