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  1. - CoryWithAKatana - THANKS! - That video didn't show up when I did my own search! SO SIMPLE! 🙂 Though my experience with Super Glue and what other people have mentioned makes me think all that glue will look pretty crummy for a while. - What you all say about moss ending up everywhere is something that worries me... I've been putting off trying it for that very reason. - I think what I need to do is look up just how moss grows... what is its root system like. As someone with more outdoor garden experience than aquatic, moss is something BAD. But it sure does turn into a bit of a carpet outdoors.
  2. HI ALL, first post! I just purchased some moss BUT don't have experience "planting" it yet. What is the usual method for attaching it to wood/rocks/etc? I've seen thread used, but it looks awful. I'll keep searching for more info but any tips folks here can give would be appreciated!
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