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  1. Last night I cleaned out the entire tank. I was overwhelmed with the brown algae and didn’t think my siphon was doing a good job getting it off my substrate or rocks. It seems like the only way it would come off, really, was to rub it or get a toothbrush on it. I cut a few leaves off my plants. I usually leave Blub in the tank when I do changes but I changed it all out so put him in a little container temporarily. He did not like that. So I tried to be as fast as I could, being a newbie. I was glad I had another bag of gravel I had used previously, because I wanted to wash the gravel I had taken out really well and didn’t have time. I don’t like the white as much but it’ll do until I change it again. I don’t want to change everything up frequently, but I’ll probably change everything out again in a month, and add a new plant or 2. When the outside temps dip I’ll order some floaters like red root. It looks like ordering through the mail when it’s so hot will about kill any right now. I filled it back up with tap and conditioned it with API stress coat +, then put .5 ml of Seachem Flourish for my 6 gallon tank. After an hour or so I tested it with strips. these measures aren’t exact: KH 180 GH -30 PH 7.5-8.0 He seemed happy when I put him back in his newly furnished home. Not sure if those little spikes in the “fort” are too sharp? They’re plastic. im going on vacation w my family tomorrow through Tuesday and having my neighbors come take care of Blub 2x a day. I’m feeding 1x a day - Micro pellets. A bloodworm every now and again… feedback is welcome! I’m grateful for you guys!!
  2. Jovius, please see my last messages with pictures. I apologize - I have not yet learned how to make simpler replies. it looks like I can reply without quoting someone's entire message but i haven't figured that out yet. I wanted to try to tag those in this thread somehow. If there's a way to do that please let me know. Rube, please see my last messages with pictures. I apologize - I have not yet learned how to make simpler replies. it looks like I can reply without quoting someone's entire message but i haven't figured that out yet. I wanted to try to tag those in this thread somehow. If there's a way to do that please let me know.
  3. don't worry, that cat is not at all interested in the fish. (My daughter named our Betta "Blub" 🤷‍♀️
  4. ok. i've given this a lot of thought and research after listening to what everyone has said. I think I'm going to not use RO and return to using my tap and conditioning it with water changes. With that, I won't need Seachum Equilizer. (do I have that right? That's the only reason I was going to need that) I was using the API stress coat conditioner which has aloe in it. I'll continue to test my tank water with test strips and get the parameters right. I have a better idea of how to do that. I have an API pH test kit, also, with both pH up and pH down solutions. As far as plant nutrients, I needed to go out and get something now and not wait for something to be delivered. I got Seachum Flourish. It does say that it doesn't provide *significant* levels of nitrogen or phosphorus, that it's designed to be used in conjunction with Flourish nitrogen, flourish phosphorus, and flourish potassium and i can get the "enhancer plant pack" (Is the browning of my plants due to potassium deficiency? Brown is showing up on my rocks and substrate, too) The other minerals that are in Flourish that aren't in the others I compared it to (Easy Green and Aqueon - the one i'm returning unused) are Sodium, Copper, Cobalt, and Chlorine. Chlorine???? Why chlorine? I'm assuming the water conditioner will take that out. Rube_Goldfish mentioned using API Leaf Zone. should I use this along with the Flourish or will this be overload? I intend on adding the flourish N, K20, and P. I'm doing a water change today. Since I posted a few days ago, my plants have browned a good bit. I suppose i'll need to try to clean those leaves and whatever else is browned ( i even have some quartz crystals in there that got browned). Some of those leaves have become thin and almost transparent. Will the nutrients bring life back into those leaves or should i remove them and let new growth come? I promise I'm going to post pictures today!!
  5. i wondered about using tap and cutting it with RO. Thanks! Good to know about testing tap and letting it aerate for 24 hrs. I had mine tested at a fish and coral shop but it had not aerated. See my reply to Jovius. Our tap is very soft. I'm going to do another water change on Thursday. I'm wondering about a tap/RO blend. The lady at Petco says I'm overthinking. SO, your Easy Green and Leaf zone together isn't overdosing on nutrients? They must have different ingredients?
  6. I went in to a fish and coral store to get my tap and tan water tested as I was trying to figure out everything with my parameters. He said with RO, i wouldn't need to condition because it has no chlorine, or anything else to condition, the pH would be more in range as well as GH and KH. The GH was still low when he tested his RO water i took home, so he recommended API Proper pH. (So far, i'm liking API products). My tap water's pH was 8, Amonia, Nitrate and Nitrite are great, GH low at 0 (same as the RO), KH high at 208 (RO was 30), and phosphate 1.1 (RO was 0.1) I don't know anything about phosphate levels yet. I'm also wondering if i really need the RO. If i water condition my tap maybe that's just fine....
  7. Thanks, everybody! I'll get some up today if i have time. It's a busy summer with 2 teenagers (twins)! I'm excited to be here, learn lots, and meet fellows!
  8. I'm a brand new hobbyist and enthusiast. I have one betta fish in a 6 gallon tank with RO water. I recently switched to RO and realized i needed to remineralize. I also have a few live plants in there who have become a little weepy and discolored from when i had conditioned tap in there. My question is.... can i use one product for both remineralizing the water for the fish, and for getting the plants the nutrients they need? Yesterday I went to Petco to get something to remineralize the water. The lady I usually talk with about my new love suggested their Imaginarium essential minerals, a concentrated formula that says its great for use with RO water. When i told her I also needed to do something for the plants, she handed me Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food. provides macro and micro nutrients. Both products have the same minerals, different percentages, adn the plant food has some the other doesn't - potash, sulfer, boron, molybdenum....and the other has some the plant food doesn't - strontium, potassium, cobalt, copper, and iodide. I'm worried that there might be an overdose of the minerals that are in both. Is there something easier i can do and return those? I feel I need to do something today to treat. I did a water change 3 days ago when i added the RO. I did a 60 % change, so it still had the conditioned tap water. I added a biological startup, too. If ya'll do suggest using the essential minerals, i have another question I'll ask in the thread. Thank you very much for your input! I look forward to learning more!
  9. Hey! I live in Mississippi and became highly interested in aquariums and bettas when i took my daughter to get a betta fish. Ever since that day, this is my new baby. But I've a lot to learn and have more and more questions every day. I'm very concerned about getting it right and not harming my betta or live plants. I have him in a 6 gallon cube. Thank you! I am about to ask my first question in the forum about using RO water and remineralizing. Excited to be here!
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