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  1. Thank you. what should I substitute the hornwort out for? I’m also not trying to breed the apistogrammi I just want the male and female to look different and he have a partner with him in the tank 🙂
  2. Umm they are both the same size for length the 90p is just taller and wider. If you want a river get a 40 long. It’s 48 inches long
  3. It’s a size tank. Dimensions are 36x17x17
  4. I already know what I want I just want to make sure that it’s ok. centerpiece fish: pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides schooling fish: 15 cardinal tetras, 8 emperor tetras, and 8 red phantom tetras bottom dwellers: 6 julii corydoras and 6 panda corydoras cleanup crew: albino bristlenose pleco (maybe longfin if that’s ok) with lots of Amazon swords, Java fern, hornwort, Java moss, crypts, anubias, and bucephalandra filter: fluval 307 is this ok?
  5. Ok ima just see how it goes because I have 10 plants in a 10 gal so I think some will survive. What do the fry need to eat for the first couple days and when can they eat normal food
  6. Thank you so much. Will the fry survive in a community tank or should take eggs out before and put them in small tank
  7. I just wanna do Amazon river theme not biotope seems to hard to replicate. Any stocking ideas now with 3 schooling fish, centerpiece, bottom dwellers, pleco, and maybe otos?
  8. Explain how to sex them How to breed them step by step how to raise fry
  9. Well then can you help me make a biotope where their would be tetras pleco corydoras and then give me a centerpiece fish for 40 gal
  10. Could I keep in a 40 gallon 1 male apisto 15 cardinals 15 green neon 8 otos 12 panda corydoras 1 long finned pleco
  11. Oh ok and why would 1 bigger school look better than 3 species of small schools
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