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  1. I have string algae growing all over my plants and the plants especially my Anubis doesn’t look good need advice on what to do I am scared…
  2. Quick update! Should I keep an eye on any of my plants or are they okay enough?
  3. I now have two happy Amano shrimp in my tank!
  4. Okay update on the shrimp turns out there were 3 got them floating in my tank and 2 of them don’t look great they are at the bottom of the bag but there legs are still moving not sure what to do… the other one looks great he/she is having a great time
  5. Sounds great! Should I start with (2) 3 hour siesta light periods? Update: I got some free dwarf hair grass from a local aquarium store it was from an event. What I didn’t notice is there are amano shrimp so I don’t know what to do as my tank isn’t fully cycled…
  6. Java moss is starting to turn a little brown.
  7. Yeah honest probably to obsessed with something going wrong. Found a clump of roots coming in the water from my Anubis nana and a white film probably from super glue. Thanks for your help tho!
  8. Thank you so much! My plants I think are just weird their roots are growing out of the substrate, and one of the plants roots are all out of the substrate. 😂
  9. My light is a 6500 led my light schedule is 1pm-9pm.
  10. I have noticed some of my Anubis nana looks to have some holes in their leaves is this normal? Do any other plants look unhealthy? Maybe I am paranoid…
  11. So many options which would you get for my tank I don’t have a preference
  12. There is a slight cloudiness, but other than that, the water is very clear. I will add some of the easy green. I was considering getting some plants that float at the very top of the tank, such as duckweed, but I think I am going to wait. Thank you so much for your reply; it is very helpful!
  13. UPDATE! I got the plants today, had a lot of motivation this afternoon, and planted the whole tank! A few mistakes were made, but that makes sense for my first planted tank. I ended up supergluing the java fern on the side of one of the rocks, hoping it would figure it out as it was not touching the substrate directly. Second, I added water (I forgot you needed to shake the water conditioner), then added the conditioner (shaken) right away. The conditioner I have removes chlorine, manages nitrates and ammonia, etc. I broke a couple of roots in the process, which was depressing. I was hoping one of the main stems was still okay. I got liquid superglue all on my hands (I got it off). Lastly, driftwood started floating; we had to drain the tank and secure it. Now there is a white spot from the super glue on the rocks. 😅 Questions: ❗ What are these yellow dots in my Anubis nana, and what should I do with them? When should I do my first water change, and should it be 50%? When should I add my liquid fertilizer? What should I be on the lookout for? Also, superglued Anubis nana and Java Moss I read that was okay!
  14. Another update: I purchased all my plants and fertilizer (easy green), including Java fern, Java moss mat, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red, Cryptocoryne Parva, and Anubias nana "petite.". Question one: How long should I wait to dose my plants with fertilizer? Question two: Do I need to dechlorinate my water even if there are only plants and do I need tester strips right away as well? Question three: Will my black forest driftwood float to the surface?
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