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  1. @Cleveland M It still does it, but much less frequently. @lefty o It was pretty intermittent. But multiple times a minute for sure. After the steps provided by @KatGoneFishing it does it a few time maybe every five or ten minutes. It's still a very nice heater that I like, it just clicks sometimes and that's ok.
  2. Hello! I bought the Aquarium Coop heater and I love it! Having the controls outside the tank and an active thermometer inside is fantastic. I just have a question for any other forum members. Does your coop heater click or "knock"? Mine's been clicking since I got it and I didn't notice until this morning. I shut off all my other equipment (even bled off my CO2 lines) and the only thing plugged in was the heater and it still clicked. As soon as I unplugged it, the clicking stopped. Is this something I should reach out to support about?
  3. I've used catappa and alder cones, but they don't seem to have a significant effect in a 75 gallon. I've heard horror stories of a small amount of peat moss destabilizing smaller tanks, and I think it would work well to lower the ph of mine without adding a ton of litter to the bottom.
  4. Do any staff members know if aq has thought about selling peat moss? I'm trying to breed Odessa Barbs and Congo Tetras and my water is far too hard/high ph. I have RO/DI water but filling an entire 75 with just that gets expensive and time consuming. I'd love to have a trusted source for peat moss in addition to the Crushed Coral and Catappa Leaves!
  5. You could put a pea puffer or something similar in to clear them up. I've had great success with Dwarf Chain Loaches, but 10G might be too small for a proper school.
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