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  1. I use Super Natural Jungle Gravel. I’ve used it for about 4 years now and I love it. I did a layer of old substrate then capped it with Jungle Gravel. It said gravel but it’s more of a sand than anything. Here the two tank i currently have it in. Ignore the larger pebbles. I scattered them across the top layer because I liked the look.
  2. This is a topic that’s touchy. What works for me might not work for you. But I can say from my experience. I’ve never cleaned any of my tanks. The most I do is top up water due to evaporation. And I also welcome all the pest snails. To be honest I ran my 20 gallon and never cleaned a thing. I didn’t even change the filter in the HOB filter. But it’s like I said. What works for me might not work for you. I run all my tanks the same way. Once your plants are established with plenty of plants from what I can see they kind of take care of there self’s.
  3. A lid could help a ton with jumpers in a shallow tank. I like to get a green house panel from Home Depot. They come in 24x48 inch panels. It cuts easily, and light passes right through so there isn’t any issue with it blocking “good” light out. I keep a couple panels in the basement for when I need them. Make sure to share some pics when it’s all set up.
  4. Meep556

    Betta ID

    I’ll share pics and what not with every one on here. I got a second project ima start here soon also. When a turtle lays its egg. The temp the eggs incubate at determines the gender of the babies. So I was gonna see rather or not guppies and bristle noses follow the same rules.
  5. Meep556

    Betta ID

    It’s all good @JE47. We’re gonna set something up to breed them and see what comes out. I’d love to get a me a copper male with red tipped fins. I wanna get me an alien beta but I’ve never seen one locally and I’m scared to order fish offline lol.
  6. Ray Wylie is awesome. My two choices are either David Allan Coe or Waylon Jennings.
  7. Ah ok. Yea I cycled my first tank with the piece of meat method. After that I’ve mostly done fish in cycles. I just make sure to stay on the low side of the tanks population when I do fish in cycles.
  8. Why exactly would you need to add ammonia? I’ve never had to add it. When I was cycling my tank I was told to add a rice grain sized piece of raw meat. Would adding ammonia from a bottle speed up the cycling process?
  9. Ah every one here is into other animals other than fish. Same here, I’ve got 3 axolotls, box turtle, red foot tortoise and two tree frogs. Oh also 10 chickens… lol.
  10. Meep556

    Betta ID

    If I had a prehistoric dolphin this is the last place I’d be on 😂 and I know she’s a female @JE47. Just wasn’t sure if I could breed her with a male copper alien.
  11. Guppies from pet stores are trash 90% of the time. I started my tank with like 11 of them. The numbers dwindled down to 3. Thankfully they were all 3 pregnant females. Now…. Now I have damn near 100 of them things lmfao.
  12. I’ve got a female betta with a group of female guppies. I’ve noticed since I’ve added her she was shy at first. But after a couple weeks I catch her grouping up with the guppies. Even during feeding there’s no aggression on either side.
  13. I’m not sure of what Dean did. But I use rusto and krylon to paint the back of my tanks black.
  14. Meep556

    Betta ID

    Was wondering if any one could tell me what kind of beta my female is. I have a buddy with a Copper Alien Betta. We were think of breeding the two, if we even could. Think it’d be neat to see what the turn out is.
  15. Hey, welcome to the forum. I’m also new here, so far every one I talked to has been super helpful. You’ll like it here.
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