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  1. Ammonia / nitrite 0 nitrate 40-80 ph 6.0-6.4 i haven’t tested GH/KH in a while. That would make a lot of sense tho. so does that mean my other shrimp (I got a red one, blue one, and some clear one from petco) are of a different species that are hardier ?
  2. Hello all, I recently added 4 shrimp to my 10 gallon planted that has 5 cories. They were doing great, but then all of a sudden I can no longer spot my crystal red shrimp (CRS). What are the chances that it’s gone / dead? It has been a week since I’ve seen it, while seeing my 3 others (non crystals) every single day. The same thing happened to my gf and her crystal shrimps. Is this normal / should I be concerned / what should I do? all my parameters are in check, maybe the nitrates are a little bit high from 40-80ppm. Been doing water changes tho. please lmk if anyone has any insights, thank you!
  3. I don’t think I see anything on the walls? Could this be anything else other than just snail eggs
  4. I have one mystery snail from a plant from LFS. Crazy if these are snail eggs bc I swear I just saw a baby snail last night ….
  5. Hi all, I found some unidentified substance on my anubias this morning. Can anyone help me out? It’s a tank of 5 panda Cory’s. Been also finding some damsel nyhpms lately so I’m hoping this isn’t some form of their eggs. thanks so much!
  6. Is there anything I can be doing proactively other than just waiting to spot one?
  7. @thread how many should I expect to see and have to remove/how big of groups do they usually come in? I spotted and removed yet another today.
  8. Okay thanks that reassuring. One of my cories tho flashes like a mf, like he flashes super hard and goes from one side of the tank to the other at lightning speed while hitting hardscape, substrate, and plants in the process. Is this nothing to be concerned for then?
  9. Is there a chance that this could be a reason why my cories are flashing ? I probably witness them flashing 1-2 times a day, each time a different one ( I think)
  10. Is there a difference in what to do between a damsel fly and dragon fly?
  11. Other than spotting them and removing, I’ve heard of ppl say they use heat treatment by raising the temp to around 84 to kill them? Should I consider?
  12. I see, what should I do? Are these harmful to my pandas?
  13. Hi all, I have a 10 gallon planted tank w some cories. The other day I found some weird looking remnant of what looked like an insect, but it was dead. I found a similar one again today in the tank, but it was alive and I was able to remove it. Has anyone seen these??? Is it a cause for concern? Also check out my new scape 😁 thanks!!
  14. Hi all, I am going to be rescaping my 10 gallon soon, replacing some wood with 2 pieces of rock. The rock is significantly heavier, i think a total of 5-10 lbs combined. Will this be okay for my tank given that both the rocks are placed on the left side? Should I put something under to give it some cushion? I've seen others use filter floss, i was thinking a thin sponge-- will this work/be beneficial? Thanks!
  15. @Tony s @Colu thank you guys. So do you guys suggest I do nothing other than just the change in feeding for now?
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