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  1. In my currency it's really expensive to buy even the smallest of backgrounds. But maybe it is best to leave it be
  2. It's a tank I bought second hand for a friend and she said I could have the background IF I managed to remove it without harming the aquarium or scratching the glass If I am unable to do this she will just simply get the background along with the tank. I care more about aquascaping and aesthetics than her but she doesn't mind it 50L or around 14 gallons I think
  3. It looks like silikone but it's really thick and hardened
  4. Can't get my knife in there without breaking something
  5. The tank is glass and it seems to be adhered with silicone yes
  6. Is there a safe way to remove Back to nature backgrounds without harming or scratching the tank?
  7. Thanks for good advice! I will put some salt in. She is very fat so I think she will give birth any day now within one week
  8. Thanks! I'll try that 🙂
  9. Yeah I've just heard the next generation is always stronger than what you buy in the store so I hope I get fry before they die
  10. To better word myself, the stress that comes from lonlieness because these are not hardy fish The other guppy female died just from being moved between 2 tanks. I did not literally mean from loneliness itself lol
  11. Okay so I bought 5 guppies. 3 Males and 2 Females. They were together for a couple of days and yesterday I moved the gals to a fry container (big plastic container of 33L). Unfortunately, one female and one male has died. Now this one guppy female with a round belly is all alone in a container and I don't wanna stress her further by adding some frat boy guppies that won't leave her alone. I won't be able to get my hands on new guppy Females until Saturday and I don't want her to die of loneliness, since she is store bought and propably very sensitive, how do I keep her from dying until she has given birth at least? I will give her a diet of artemia flakes and vibra baby bites is this okay? Second question. I bought some Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine shrimp as it was sold as fry food. Will newly born guppy fries be able to eat this? How often should I feed them?
  12. My poor monte carlo plant My poor monte carlo plant
  13. Thank you for the clarification! Will the CO2 in the air still reach the plants even if I cover with some plastic cling foil? Yes I understand, the thing is, I needed my carpet plant to grow more so that I could introduce my corydoras or else they would rip them up again 🥲 and I have already waited 2 months to introduce them plus all the cycling. I am also a bit scared to wait too long because they are getting older and my plan is to breed them. But yeah my suspiciouns were true my carpet have not grown anything, not even an inch, during these 2 months. It was almost dying and roots were melting. They were planted in a sand substrate with root tabs but I moved them now to a separate container with a nutrient-rich substrate that I just bought a few days ago. It is filled with water with liquid fertilizer but maybe CO2 from air is more important, or what do you think? I am sorry I don't understand 😞 What do you mean? Would you say dry cycling is even more important than liquid fertilizer?
  14. Would the dry cycling method involve filling the tank with a bit of water? What do you mean by this?
  15. I see! I thought airstones remove CO2 from water? What is a passive CO2? It's almost been 2 months and I can't even see the tiniest growth, they almost appear smaller than before.
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