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  1. Ok, so I'm still a sort of new fish owner and am probably very very wrong, but you might want to look into New Tank Syndrome. Get others' opinions, but it's just my idea. 🙂
  2. Hi! Could you tell me how old the tank is? New or old?
  3. I've actually never heard of that band before, any specific music suggestions by them? I'm always looking for new bands/artists 🙂
  4. My favorite music artist is Taylor Swift! What's yours?
  5. @EricksonAquatics is correct, it is Aqua Natural Gold Pearl Gravel 🙂
  6. Thanks for the advice I actually got two platys yesterday as well! Thanks for the advice!
  7. I totally do the same thing, when I was getting ready to buy my 29-gallon, I was checking online at my LFS's website every day waiting to see a good deal!
  8. 5 years ago, at a fair, I was convinced by my brother to play a game for a goldfish. My brother - living with me at the time - and I both won goldfish, and had no idea what to do with them. We bought a cheap five gallon tank from a Petsmart, and the goldfish lasted a few months. That was the end of the fish for a while, and my five gallon tank sat in my basement for a while. Then, towards the beginning of this year, I decided to set back up the five gallon. I lost a couple of fish towards the beginning while I figured out how to take care of fish in general. I finally got situated a month or so ago with a couple of guppies, 2 snails, and an African dwarf frog. Just yesterday I set up my new 29-gallon tank, and as of today there are now 6 new fish in my house! I find it so relaxing sitting in front of my tanks and watching the fish all swim around! ❤️ 🙂
  9. Oh wow!!! poor kid, and poor crab!!! 😞
  10. 5/26/24: I bought 6 new fish today, and moved my four guppies into the 19 gallon as well, so now I have ten fish in the 29-gallon!!! 🙂 Still working on adding to it, but it's progress! ❤️
  11. 5/25/24: Omg, today I set up my 29-gallon!!! Tomorrow I am hoping to move over the guppies, and I am going to my LFS to look at other types of fish! It's not complete, I still need a LOT more decorations haha, but it's a start.
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