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  1. Came across some German Blue Rams that are locally bred for sale. My question is being locally bred think these might carry the same issues as imported? Gold Rams were a bitch with some fungus growing on them I culled 12 out of 16. Don’t want to go down that road again… personal opinions welcomed….
  2. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    Gold Ram update. API Pimafix seems to be the ticket. These guys are 95% better. After the final dose/day they were only somewhat better I let them soak in the water for a couple days, still not much better, but after a water change and a couple days later they look much better! However I found polyguard and it is currently in route so I may hit them with that to see if it can wrap this up Afterwards I’ll then give them a couple weeks to see if the fungus returns. Should probably give them another round of pimafix but polyguard was already ordered. And I have a small fortune tied up in meds. Soooo if this ever arises again with someone else suggest trying api pimafix first. Appreciate everyone’s suggestions! Thanks Nerms!
  3. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    I’ve done the paracleanse. I will try the api fungus as the polyguard seems to be unavailable I’ll respond back here in a few weeks for an update! thanks fishy folks
  4. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    I’ve seen this same fungus on gold Rams in pet stores as well as videos people publish on you tube.
  5. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    Some spots are smaller but mainly on fins
  6. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    Here’s an update....... nothing works, lol. Tried the quarantine trio of meds, Maracyn two, saltwater and Kanaplex. Rams all act normal and very active, eat well. Any other suggestions before I cull?
  7. Yep I feed mostly Repashy. But I too have some boisterous eaters I call my sharks in longfin zebra, leopard danios and Orange van rio tetras. I have nerites so no snail problems. I saw online they’ll do blanched kale, spinach etc. Maybe zucchini? I need something in there that will last long enough for them to get to it. My Kuhli loaches generally take care of anything left over at night.
  8. Yes I saw the video. But don’t recall them eating vegetables. What I’ve read online is blanched spinach, kale, etc. and that they were diurnal. Just wanted someone to confirm.
  9. Are Hillstream’s active at night? Trying to make sure these guys eat enough. Also Will they feed on vegetables?
  10. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    Mmiller , thanks for the info if the salt doesn’t work I’ll try your method.
  11. Kirk

    Gold Ram White Spot

    I’ll try salt. Started watching Cory’s video for dosages. Thanks Dwayne
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