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  1. lol that's good to know then thank you!
  2. i did three doses of it; and a water change yesterday ill fast her for 2 days then; it's just scary of if it's starving her >.<
  3. i watched this btw and it was very cool & nice to see how this hobby can grow and be really interesting 🙂 he seemed to love shrimp haha
  4. update: i've been doing epsom salt baths with her for like 13 mins a day for the past 5 days & fasted her for 3 days. finished the kanaplex treatment also. overall she is still stuck floating on her side, but has stopped thrashing around or being super stressed out. It sort of seems like a loss of energy?, but she still moves her eyes to look at me 🙂 and wakes up when I wake up out of bed etc. but she doesn't have control over her swimming still. I fed her 1 pea yesterday & some frozen blood worms today (i was worried about fasting her for too long tbh but only fed her a small amount) that I just got for her, but she's not interested in any leftovers on the bottom of the tank 😞 kanaplex might've crashed the cycle but i'm keeping my eye on it. so yeah... is there anything else I can do?
  5. So I did epsom salt bath yesterday and today, and I'm going to do the 3rd dose of kanaplex as one of her eyes started to get popeye 😞 on that same side of her body her fin is frayed, I think from damage in swimming and trying to correct her floating sideways. She seems very lucid still and has lots of energy but I'm starting to worry about if this is what's best for her a question about water changes: I read it's best to keep her water really pristine so I've been changing a little bit out each day and usually I buy bottled water as my tap water's KH is extremely high (like 250 mg/L on my test strips), is that high a KH harmful? I saw that goldfish like a high GH but idk about KH. Wondering if I should keep going out to get bottled water or if that might actually be good for her. I'm glad to talk to other people who know about keeping fish; it's hard to try and figure it all on my own 😞 so thank you very much
  6. Also she’s still in the middle of kanaplex treatment so is that fine to do at the same time??
  7. I see, thank you. She’s still moving around today but the stress must be a lot for her 😞 so that’s epsom salt, not aquarium salt?
  8. will do; hopefully she makes it a little longer to try and figure out the issue 😞
  9. tysm for the idea. I did recently get her repashy supergold gel food but don't feed it that often; i didn't know that variety was important so thank you here's some photos, the one of her curled up was before/right after I first dosed her with kanaplex and the other one is of her yesterday. today she's back to spinning though 😞in circles but also upside-down spins. hopefully the medicine will help her again. i can't decide whether to fast her or continue feeding her as I don't think it makes a difference?
  10. Swim bladder suddenly infected ?! Parameters: 20 gallon tank nitrates and nitrites ~0 (I use testing strips so Its not 100% but the tank has been cycled for 6 months) Ph~7 ammonia 0 (api drops) temperature 72 I feed her northfin sinking pellets She’s the only one in the tank, like 3 inches big! Filters: a double sided sponge filter for 20 gallons and a new fluval U2 30 gallon filter w carbon in it. I’m looking for a few opinions from an outside perspective to help my little fishy!! A few days ago she was swimming tilted so I would skip feeding her for the day and it never got too bad; i did a water change as she was looking sideways tbh but I had to leave and went on a short Mother’s Day trip and when I got back the next day she was totally curled up, swimming by spinning all over the tank, knocking against everything it was really scary. I immediately dosed her with kanaplex and I took out the decorative rocks, some plants, her carbon filter, and eventually her sponge filter as she was getting caught under it. The next day she was amazing and I was so relieved; I scrubbed out the sponge filter and switched the sponges (it was flaking off algae or sand or plastic or something? So I had to be safe) and put the sponge filter back in. Today she’s back to swimming in circles, but isn’t curled up like beforehand which is a relief. She got caught under the sponge filter again so I took it out. I don’t know what else to do; if the filter might be making it worse or what to do after the kanaplex dosages if she’s not improving. Please help!!!! Any advice I’ve had her for 2 years; she’s a comet goldfish
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