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  1. If you have a pot big enough for the wood, put the wood in, fill it with water and boil it for 2-3 hours if not a little more. The piece looks pretty thick but I’m unable to tell if it’s big. Edit: forgot to mention to put something heavy like a rock or something else to keep it submerged while boiling.
  2. I’ve had the Hygger for a while. It’s been great. I had also been looking at the Nicrew. They’re about the same. Based on reviews I’d say you’d be happy with either. I’ve also had to lower the lights a bit like RockyMongler to help with algae. Switch it up from time to time.
  3. I’ve enjoyed seeing all these planted tanks. I definitely want to start another aquarium. Here’s my 29 gallon.
  4. Plants and driftwood. The bettas I’ve had have always used both either to rest on or under and swim around or through them. Some company also keeps them “entertained”.
  5. Thanks Dwayne. I think it’s a chemical contaminant. I don’t know my ammonia level. I currently don’t have a tester for it. Yes, the tank has been cycled. I’ve had this going a few years. Thanks, I think I figured it out. I’ve been using Tetra 6 in 1 test strips. I bought these about 3 months ago. Thanks for your feedback. I think I’ve figured it out. Thank you Brandy. I do dose with aquarium Co-op all in one fertilizer and iron. Recently though I’ve had a black beard algae out break (first time) and have been dosing Flourish Excel to help fight it off. It didn’t come to mind until you mentioned it. I was so focused on trying to get rid of the BBA that I completely forgot how it affects the fish. Lesson learned. Thanks for the link Samantha. I don’t believe this was it. I truly appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thank you all again for the help on trying figure it out. I wasn’t sure if I was going to need to completely disinfect the tank. I’ve been watching the remaining fishes & shrimps and they seem good at this point. Keeping positive that they’ll pull through.
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately we have to go through it.
  7. I have a planted 29 gallon and this week I lost a betta, 10 CPD’s, & 10 cardinal tetras within 4 days. The only abnormality I noticed was a tetra had developed a single white dot on its side that looked like a pimple. No loss of appetite and was very active along with the others. I still have 1 pintail red wagtail platt, 6 cory’s and 8 amano shrimps. They seem normal. I’ve found most dead except for one tetra that I saw. It was just floating, trying to keep itself upright. The day before most died I happened to over feed them. Slip of the hand. Could that have caused this? I do weekly water changes and water has been stable for years. I keep the temperature at 78. I know if I’ll lose more fish, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I do anything to the fish tank in case it was a disease or wait a few weeks and see how it all plays out? My water parameters have been as follows: nitrate: 20 nitrite: 0 gh: 200 chlorine: 0 kh: 80 ph: 7.2
  8. I’ve always cleaned it to remove any debris and bark and then boiled it so it won’t float.
  9. One option - thick black blanket around tank (behind you), cover above you as well. Basically blacking it out, flick the light on and snap away.
  10. So here’s the new one. Kids convinced me on him for the his color, black and gold (for our team - LAFC). I believe he will be losing the black at some point and switching to blue. I’ve had him a few weeks now. He seems happy in his new 29g home. He was a little shy around his new friends at first but has definitely become very confident around them now.
  11. Love seeing all of your bettas! Here’s one of ours. Kiddos named him Spidey (for Spider-Man). Recently lost him. He was very energetic and kept me very entertained. I have picked up a new betta and will post a pic soon.
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