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  1. Bought one of these fancy thermometers to put in my planted aquarium. The tank only has plants and pond snails in it so I don't have to worry about it breaking
  2. The worms are probably nematodes which can be parasitic. I would try doing a salt cleanse and/or treat for parasites
  3. I don't know much about shrimp, however my father in-law raises them and that appears to be a baby cherry shrimp. I'm not sure how to go about doing a water change though
  4. Went to the aquarium coop partner store "miles of exotics" in liberty, MO
  5. Thanks, the best part is they only get 2.5 to 3 inches long so they can be kept in smaller aquariums
  6. I had to hook it up to a couple to 2 Air pumps to have enough flow, so it's only as loud as those pumps. The original intake kept making grinding noises even though it was brand new, so this is much quieter
  7. I replaced the intake on my HOB with an easy flow filter. This kinda my experiment tank their are no fish in it, just some crushed coral and a lonely piece of dwarf hairgrass
  8. I'm not sure but curious how this turns out, I've seen people use wheat bread before
  9. Maybe the temperature got a little too warm or the parameters changed a bit or they just all happened to take a breath at the same time. As for the bigger one eating/breeding with the smaller one it might just be eating gunk off it's shell. The unfortunate thing is there isn't a lot of information out there regarding snails and there behaviors, so until somebody does a dedicated study they'll remain a mystery
  10. A 10 gallon should be fine for nano fish, just keep an eye on parameters and there shouldn't be any problems
  11. I've been breeding blue tiger parrot cichlids for a few years. Awhile ago my wife bought some platinums with hopes of breeding them, but was unsuccessful. Then I got the idea to pair one of her platinums with one of my blue tigers thinking maybe some would be platinum and some would be blue tiger. The result was the fry having a unique pattern, kind of dalmatian on the front half of there body and zebra stripes on the back half. Im currently setting up 2 tanks to separate them out and see if I can get the line to continue
  12. Here's what I did. It's a bit cloudy having just been set-up but maybe this will give you some ideas
  13. I stopped at my fish store today and decided to do a Betta tank, coincidentally I ended up getting the same things you did (5.5 gal and bonsai) along with a few other things, I'll show you what I came up with when I get it set up
  14. I've been a bit of a fan of attaching moss to the limbs so it looks like a living bonsai
  15. Looks better than mine, I need to get around to that
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